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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #135 on: May 15, 2005, 10:54:00 PM »
i would love to see us get a real double attack. Sense rangers got triple  :|

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #136 on: June 19, 2005, 03:14:12 AM »
The Pet Back off is to close to the Pet go Away button, I'd love to see a conformation on Pet Go Away. (Cant tell youhow many times i've Poofed my pet on accident over the years.)

Using ./bazaar . Wish there was a do not include augments option.

When EQ is windowed using ALT-ENTER, and crashes. The relog in "windowed" is not center with the screen. I request that on Log in , by default it is full screen or center windowed. ( or at least an option for that as default)

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #137 on: September 23, 2005, 02:40:35 PM »
There are obvious, fundamental issues in using AA's to make up for DPS differences that only exist at the high end of the game. Our new AA line is similar to new DPS AA lines for all melee classes (perhaps a bit more powerful). Our pet AA line is a similar boost in DPS.  We already know about the issues of reward-vs-effort required from a class whose DPS relies on upgrades to all 3 forms of damage-causing abilities. But any tinkering with AA's, which affect *all* BSTs, to fix issues with high-end BSTs is a broken philosophy. I always cringe when I think of the Monk nerfage that applied to all monks, despite the fact that the problems were only with high-end monk damage mitigation.  But unless SoE can come up with equipped items that interact with a BST's AA's in some fashion, the problem cannot be solved here - and even in that case, we are really still looking at the basic issue - itemization. 

High end BSTs need better pet foci to bring the beast side of the BST triangle back in line - I cannot see any other possible solution that doesn't involve the continuing trend that minimizes our warder's contribution to the BST-warder team. Note that I personally will never see these changes, as Lupic is now my alt, but the people who complain that player X's Warder tanks better than Warrior Y are missing the big picture.  An Anguish CLERIC can take hits better than a non-raiding Warrior; that's just a fact; and if they need to they can keep aggro, too. 

Sadly, I cannot see how the current system of pet foci can do this and not be subject to abuse, as tying in all of our Warder's upgrades to 1 focus means that in one purchase, the warder instantly gains a huge change in all abilities. Creating new, separate pet foci for DPS, mitigation, HPs at the least are potential solutions - while keeping the current generation of generic pet foci still in play to provide a lower level of overall boost. This means that the reward-vs-effort would continue falling behind the curve, unless BST-specific items came out that were, as has been noted in the top 10, designed in a fashion similar to the WoS BST-only earring. Of course, they don't *have* to be BST-only items, either - they can be foci attached to normal dropped items to prevent Rot Loss.

***Edit  - OK, how did this end up in the "new ideas" section, rather than under the warder issues.  bah.  Too lazy to move ***
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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #138 on: December 18, 2005, 10:36:27 AM »
1) Neverending Food/Drink items (or an infinite-charge item that summons a stack of 20 food / water) as a reward for a difficult mission, as random drops in raid zones, as a reward for a complicated quest, a high tradeskill creation, anything. Food/Drink no longer serve any purpose in the game like they did in the early days and are just an occasional mild annoyance now.

2) More instances of old world zones! (ie: befallen/unrest). Revamping actual old world zones has never worked well, but instances are great and fun alternative to this. I would love see assassination missions from rival factions  (be hired by a goblin to go into a buffed up instance of rivervale and assassinate mayor gubbin :D), city raids (kill all the paladins in north freeport), Buffed up Lower Guk tasks, Buffed plane of hate/fear/sky missions... ect.

3) Un-revamp splitpaw. No one uses it so it might as well be reverted back for nostalgic purposes. See above idea and put the elemental's version in as an instance.

4) Get rid of the ring event in NTOV.

5) Quests/AAs/pet buff spell for pet classes that allow them to change the graphics of their pets. (and on that subject, shrink vah shir BST pets down, cmon ;p)

6) Make it so that you can get a spell mission task without having to have actually initiated the prior tasks. It's just lame and pointless not to. (ie: if you do 68.1 task, every group member should be able to get 68.2 from the quest npc, not just the person who grabbed the 68.1 task)
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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #139 on: December 19, 2005, 02:40:28 PM »
6) Make it so that you can get a spell mission task without having to have actually initiated the prior tasks. It's just lame and pointless not to. (ie: if you do 68.1 task, every group member should be able to get 68.2 from the quest npc, not just the person who grabbed the 68.1 task)


umm.. I've not done the notebook finding part of the level 69 progression, but completed the 69.1 mission & I can get the 69.2 mission just fine.
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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #140 on: December 20, 2005, 11:45:26 AM »
6) Make it so that you can get a spell mission task without having to have actually initiated the prior tasks. It's just lame and pointless not to. (ie: if you do 68.1 task, every group member should be able to get 68.2 from the quest npc, not just the person who grabbed the 68.1 task)


umm.. I've not done the notebook finding part of the level 69 progression, but completed the 69.1 mission & I can get the 69.2 mission just fine.

As for his point, he used a bad example, since anyone who has finished 68.1 can indeed start 68.2!  But if it so happened that 68.4 was the first one you completed, 68.1 would still be the only one you could personally start in the 68 series. And that actually seems reasonable to me since there a storyline being followed, whether you pay attention to it or not.

The notebook prequest (which I did, btw) is no longer required for anyone who has completed any task in the 69 series.

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #141 on: March 24, 2006, 02:51:21 PM »
didnt see it mentioned as i skimmed although i am almost positive someone must have. iksar warder freezing iksar warder freezing iksar warder freezing omg. it is jsut rediculous that 1 race out of the 5 that can be BL's have such a cripling bug. it affects kite groups, it affects soloing when kiting, soloing when a mob runs away, keeps fetter/hobble from ever landing when it would make a difference (i.e. mob not standing in place). myabe im a little vehement about this one but its gone on sooo long why cant they just do whatever they did to chanter scaled wolf illusion so they could cast without freezing or jsut change it to a newer modle that doesnt freeze like the undead chokidai in veksar. hehe i really cant harp on this one enough, pls pls pls.

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #142 on: July 28, 2006, 01:52:47 PM »
Personally I LOVE the PoR tiger model and would LOVE to see it as the Vah Shir warder vs the old school  Stonebrunt tigers. I have fought alot of the new tigers and they look really nice when fighting and when running.  :mrgreen:

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #143 on: July 29, 2006, 05:30:38 PM »
Ive been thinking. (i know scary)  Why dont the give us pets like mages.   

1. It will allow New models for us (ie wolf dod pet)
2. A change of pace from lego bear

Mages get  1 or 2 pets per 5 levels Water and  Fire lets say.  I would be ok with our  71 pet (just guesing) could be a perma dod wolf (all classes) then 74 or 75 pet be the new Elddar Forst Tigers. 

just idea.  I just want the pets to look better and if its easier for them to  combine all the 5 warders to 1 from now to one fix em and two to streamline the class a bit im for it, hopefully the free time would let them fix bugs in the game!

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« Reply #144 on: July 31, 2006, 10:27:23 AM »
Hi to everyone  :-)
Special hi to Oiingo /waves


I had an idea a good while back, and I don't really know if it will
fly with the devs, but I'd like to at least share it and see if you
can pass it along. This idea is mainly for high end beastlords, but
I think it can help casual players too if you apply the idea in the same
manner but for lower tier items, such as Tacvi, GOD, OOW..ect.

I read about how beastlords always have problems with our itemization and especially
our FOCUS EFFECTS. I've been experiencing problems about choosing items for
a very very long time as well =P.

When DON came along, the focus effect augs that were added with type 7 and 8 slot choice
was a really great idea, and I think it helped alot of beastlords out, as well as other classes.
But for the high end beastlords, its not that great when you sacrifice hps/mods just for a simple focus effect.

The point of my idea was this, Anguish augments, while their hps and mods are great, I thought it
would extremely beneficial, if they also had a focus effect added. Mana preservation,
entended buff enhencment focus, extrended range focus, spell haste focus...these are the really
hard to find focus effects for our class, and they are extremely beneficial to us as a hybrid.
Not to mention its great for casters, priests, and other hybrids as well. =P

If you had these focus effects on augments such as Anguish, and maybe other augments from past expansions,
maybe add some 50hps or so to the DON focus augments that already currently exisit or maybe
add completely brand new ones for points since DON augs are starting imo to diminish or soon
will....That would be helpful to alot of high end, mid end, and low end players.

Another idea was to fix the focus effects of past expansions such as GOD, OOW, and even
up to now. When Planes of Power was out, we had really great straight focus effects, such
as mana preservation for all spells ect, This kept going with Plane of Time, but then after
that, the focus effects have really sucked.

Now we are stuck with focus effects that are for "beneficial spells only", or "extended range
for beneficial spells only"....What happened to just normal extended range for all spells?
Thats far more helpful than extended range for buffs only...I need extended range so
I can nuke from a good distance, if a raid mob is a ranged fight only, rather than for my
buffs....Same with mana preservation for beneficial buffs only...what happened to
it effecting all spells? When did having extended range for all spells suddenly become
over powering for the game? Why is it bad for a bst to nuke Xmob from Ydistance
when its part of the strat needed to kill it? Its bad for a cleric to be able to heal from
a certain distance + nuke if they want to or are able? I don't see where this makes
us players overpowered, by having such focus effects like full extended range on
ALL SPELLS not just specific type ones.

All I can think of is how much less focus effects you could have in game if you were
to fix the current focus effects we have now to be more like the Plane of Time and Pop
and even older focus effects...(obviously keep the new ones with their new upgraded
percentages/mods but change the coding that effects only one specific spell type aka
beneficial spells only/ditrimental only/nukes only ect.). If you want to keep certain
special focus effects like suchnsuch focus adds 50 extra damage to cold nukes only
that is fine, but again would be nice to see some of the current foci changed/adjusted
to something like what I suggested...

I think fixing these past issues, might help alot in the long run.
I do agree with everyone on the itemization for beastlords with items from
Anguish, DON (Vish), and even Demi-Plane, not being thought out
as well, it would definately be helpful to perhaps add a focus
effect like spell haste to the arms of Forgotten Artist armor for us high
end beastlords too..They are great arms, and yet have no focus, and almost the rest
of the armor set does and yet those got left out...why? error i hope! LOL..

The DON Bst only neck aka reward from Vish, maybe give us, a better clicky, such as maybe
free SA or a special pet that lasts for only certain amount of seconds or a minute kinda
like the werewolf pet from DODH?

The POR Tunic from Arcstone god WHY did you choose that DOT?
I as a beastlord since level 1 have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER EVER USED
ANY OF MY DOTS. Yes i bought all the spells ect (thats caz i was a newb back then)
but once I saw i never used them, I stopped getting them (until OOW when
i was forced to get it since its our first lvl 70 spell which suxxors btw).
Please please please CHANGE the clicky to something USEFUL...slow or
haste or something like SA...better than that useless really sucks to be
one of the classes who can never have a nice clicky item due to the POOR
selection used to give us our clickys. We are the ones who use them and would
like them! They are fun and helpful if we can achieve them! Please help us be
part of the community who has their POR Tunic clicky and that its actually useful
instead of a piece of junk that we wont bother trying to quest for.

The Demi-plane range item, why the heck does it have to be range item lol.
Choose a ring, earring, back item, wrists,legs, feet, maybe add the focus
effect to one of the bst/monk only weapons, or maybe a face item would be better?
Or heck just add the focus to an exisiting item(or items) in Demi-plane? Its really
unfair to stick a specific class only pet foci which reduces mana cost for
Beastial Empathy and to stick it on just *ONE* item and force us to trade
out our perhaps better range items....

Again more thought needs to be put into focus effects that are added on items
or that are NOT on certain or a lot of items for beastlords....We are hybrids and
I like to think that players want their beastlords to be the best they can be in
both melee combat and spell casting ablities, and pet abilities so we need
our focus effects to be spread out there better on different items instead of
keeping it so extremely limited as to just one item or in the same slots all
the time making us trade out better items or making it extremely difficult
to be able to customize our toons with what items we choose for them
to wear..

Thank you for reading, and your consideration if any to these ideas.
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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #145 on: July 31, 2006, 10:40:24 AM »
A few things I'd like to see:

1. Re-cast time on Beastial Alignment lowered from 1:12:00 to maybe 00:15:00 like the similar ranger ability.  Almost anything to make it more useful.
2. Like was mentioned earlier, decrease the cast time on Roar.  Even dropping it to 00:10:00 instead of 00:15:00 would give us a bit of a dps boost (not major I know).
3. At least another level of Bestial Fury AAs so we can increase our ability to double attack (like Advanced BF with levels 1 - 5, giving us an additional 3% per level).
4. Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery
5. Have our warders disc when we do, with the same benefits.
6. Some form of Ward like Rangers, Shaman and Druid get (other classes do as well).  Maybe a stationary paragon?

Just some observations from the last few weeks.

I am going to agree with some of these, since I think some of these suggestions have already been implemented already (Roar lowered AA line and beastial fury AA have already been given to us and has been great addition+help to the class).

Beastial alignment is an extremely FUN AA and its a great boost of DPS, I would love to see an AA line or better for it to be retuned and have its timer reduced to around 20-15mins like Roar of Thunder.  Also I would love it to give us actual boost in attack, as all it does is turn us into a warder and somewhat boost dps once we use Spirit Frenzy and our Beastial Fury discs, but Boosting attack that STACKS WITH FERO would be ultra nice pretty please!!!!!????  :-D

Another fun idea if not making Beast alignment to have an attack boost buff, would be for beastlords to be able to have a spell line that allows them to turn into their WARDERS....basically just like the Druid and Ranger can turn into wolves, and the Shammy can turn into bears...but have each race turn into their warder as an actual buff they can wear....Would be fun to run around or raid all nite looking like a Tigger/wolf/bear/balisk/scaledwolf...

And Last idea...why oh why did Beastlords get ganked on our POR Aura? We're a hybrid!!! We should HAVE one it should have been a given! By not giving us an Aura that would be beneficial to ourselves, plus group members, why would anyone want to have a beastlord in their group? Just for SA and Purrfection of Spirit? People would rather take a monk...a pure melee...that has an aura, instead of a bst. I think that is very wrong and was a big mistake...I was sure when POR was coming out that all hybrids would get Auras, and basically
every class in the game...boy was I shocked when I saw I didn't get one...(actually there is an aura bsts could get but apparently its so ultra rare of a drop that I don't think anyone on our server has one yet...also its a clicky from a ring that drops in Elddar forest).

It would be much nicer to give us an actual Aura of some type, and maybe a trap like a triggered Paragon like someone mentioned, kinda like that Malo trap that shammys have, but instead being a beneficial trap???

thanks for any responses everyone.
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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #146 on: October 13, 2006, 05:42:14 PM »
- create a auction house that will deal with buy/sell and send you money to mail, like WoW have done.  This will reduce the amount of peoples log to server, decrese electricity consumption so = less polution and less money for the planet.  If i recall, there lke 457,000 users of EQ, that start to make alot of electricitie used to keep your pc on to be able to sell virtual item.

I don't see why player or Sony should do a effort for the futur generation.  Every small effort count!

- not directly game related, do a clean up in the top 10 list, remove old comments or ditch the thread and start a new on.

- add a location X, Y when you hopen the map, not a big thing and not over powering.  They already give the sense heading free, so wy not the location.

- I would like that the audio trigger fonction let you choose between audio or send message.  The message will be restrictied to the client only, it won't be able to send tell to someone else or in /say /ooc/ shout ....

The reason, i wan't to see pet message of slow, there already enouth audio stuff to listen, not to talk about Team speak and other software to talk to guild when raiding.  IF they was able to do ther audio option, it should be easy to add the tell option. 

(please don't tell me it will open possiblilitie that some will abuse system throu trade skill to make automatic stuff, look the top of the page, there already failure in the system as u can buy millions of pp and this web site advertise it)

- Can they make pet share our run 3 and other aa to run faster, so they keep close to us when travelling on foot.  All pet should share the owner speed from aa

- will be nice if there was a possiblilties to configure position of pet.  Like stay left side, ride side, behind, front.  It can get annoying when pet is always in front of you and u need to move aside to be able to loot mob.

- Group IoS will be nice, group sow and shrink will be nice, don't think its to over powering and steal the job of another class.  Add a regen line of spell for the 71-75 range.  Reduce from 18 to 12 sec Promised mending.

- Add rengen endance to Paragon of spirits, if not add more hp/mana regen or shorter recast time.

- stack of food/water be 100, they already changfed wing bat stack to 100, its very nice.

- reduce fizzle on group buff!

- give me back my gator pet, didn't got throught 70 level with penaltie for my race for nothing, i make a troll for the gator and not to be a ugly monter that still look like a begar in the best gear available at level 75.

Well that all i can think about for now.

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #147 on: December 08, 2006, 04:14:42 PM »
Referring back to "Beastmaster" movie, it makes good lore sense to have an ability to bind sight with our warder and control them like a stalking probe.  Would allow us to scout areas, get pretargets, and also to position warder in a dangerous spot before an engagement.  I think this would be a nifty little utility.

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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #148 on: December 08, 2006, 06:40:15 PM »
It would be a nifty idea, I'll give you that, but wouldn't it be sort of dangerous? I mean, wouldn't NPCs be drawn to, and even attack, our warders? Or, is there an NPC coding that causes it to ignore pets unless attacked by one?
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Re: Got ideas?
« Reply #149 on: December 08, 2006, 10:35:07 PM »
Pets are not agro'able by npc's, the only way they can attack our pets is if we tell our pets to attack them.  That would actually give us a tiny bit of raid utility, plus it'd be really cool.
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