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After the combine

Started by Shirrkarn Ayge, December 11, 2004, 08:56:34 AM

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RS: Chailak, Feratha, Queen - done
WoS: Hulcror - done
RCoD: Battlemaster, Zun`Muram Volklana - done

My guild raided these last night, and no beastie drop (i have totem in my inventory)

Cetathia, Lady in leather!


i cant test on my own since im far from that part (not able to get 2 ish groups for PoAir or 100ft flippy)  but anyone tried the slumbering beast? iirc it's with 4 ikaav "guards" maybe that would be it, it's a very large bazu.
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Are there any instanced zones that you can't get in alone?
Feralkin Carragh Vonderewignacht
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Firiona Vie


Slumbering Beast is for the enchanter epic.
Edit. bleh was thinking of War caller.
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