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The Combine

Started by Graace, October 04, 2004, 05:10:45 PM

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First contratulations on solving the combine.

Second i have been looking through my papers (yes i wrote it all down) and i DID try this combine in the kiln, and yes i did only try combines when i was in PoK so i am sure all my combines was tried in only PoK. That means this was indeed bugged. Just wish they would come out and say it instead of just slipping it in when they see fit it, is time for us to solve this.

Let us se if we can get the last part finished up, and get some epic 2.0 beasties out there.
Cetathia, Lady in leather!


Oh, btw... how i solved this is... first off, the only skills i had over 100 was blacksmithing and tailoring (from the helm portion). So i was over at the pottery wheel in pok, and im switching items out at the kiln and all of a sudden i get (instead of the "cant combine these in this container) "your skills are not high enough to even attempt this combine". So then I was like, "Sweetness I bet I need over 100 pottery"... so, remembering the fastest way to get pottery past 100 is Thurgadin, I headed over there. Got pottery over 100 in like 30min, and tried the combine in that kiln there... twas a no go. Then remembering the msg in PoK i ran back up there... and baam... grats us on moving ahead.

Anyway, just a little story for yall out there.