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A Question of Perspective..

Started by Lorathir, October 23, 2004, 04:39:59 PM

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I've always liked first person shooters. Not just because of the action, but because of the viewing position. It's also why I like EQ1.

In first person perspective, you're viewing the world through your charecters eyes. You're experiencing what they are seeing. Third person sucks imo. It pulls you OUT of the action - out of the game world and makes you an onlooker. You're watching events unfold, rather than have them happen to you.

I've seen countless screenshots and movie files of EQ2. I can only recall one movie ever that had it's player using the first person perspective rather than the third. Even then, the person controlling the charecter used first person for a very short time.

So, to you guys who've been playing the beta, what's your favorite perspective? Given the lack of first person in the movies I've seen, is there a reason for this. Is first person harder to use, more cumbersome, or what? Or were those movies simply showcasing the charecters movement animation?



I still play first person. It's exactly the same as EQ. The only time I have used 3rd person in EQ is for screenshots, hehe. So I think that applies here in EQ2 as well...

3rd person is just the best way to capture the action. I think people make the movies and screenshots 3rd person so it captures more of whats going on. When you think about it, if you saw the movies 1st person, you wouldn't really be able to see what was going on with the whole party. It wouldn't be near as dramatic in 1st person.
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