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Starter kit question

Started by Inunokami, October 24, 2004, 11:28:47 AM

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Hey again fellow beasites,

I just pre ordered the game but since I am living overseas had to have it sent to by family back in the states. Well it seems my ole' pop had problems shipping the original box so he tossed the box and popped the CD's in an envelope and shipped em of to me. For all of you who have the kit I was wondering if the CD key for the J-boots is on or in the CDs or on a seperate (and now in some trashcan somewhere) piece of paper?

Thanks as always  :D
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I'll check when i get home tonight but i'm pretty sure that it is on a seperate card that came in the box.  Worst case senario pre-order it again for $5 bucks at a different store and just don't go pick it up.  Depends on if you really want those J-boots.


I read about this.  Your account will be flagged as getting J boots.  You get them by talking to "some one" in game.  They only go on one character, but there is no time limit.  You can play around with multiple character for as long as you want, and then decide to get the boots, but remember, only on one character!