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pod bugs

Started by SilvermaeneRZ, November 22, 2004, 01:24:20 PM

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I tried out plane of disease bugs near the castle solo at 70.  They are super easy, only hit for like 357 max ( some do harm touch for 900ish though) and they give about 2% a kill.. some gave 3.. not that many.  

I used to be a big fan of inner acrylia at 65 because of decent tribute and cash loot, plus it was 2% a kill (this was the common xp gain I saw in groups in most zones minus eps or better).  The mobs in AC dont hit hard and its wholesale slaughter.  

Thats pretty much what I found POD to be.. Easy Fast Kills for moderate aa xp gain.  No real down time.  Once you wipe out the umberbulks, just move to the light crawlers... wash, rinse, repeat.


I personally would do BoT giants over the bugs. A little more work, but you get more Exp and they die really fast at 70. You also might try CoD aliens, they were decent exp.
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ehhh giants are ok.. but you still end up using alot of mana healing yourself and to put out the dps to kill that crap.....

Pod umberbulks are really fast kills..... very little mana drain... unless your super uber geared for giants your going to need to heal and med up that makes for slow grinding.. in pod you can just non stop kill... I mean I could go solo some big stuff for a so so % xp number but in the time it takes you to kill AND the time it takes to recover from 1 or 2 kills has to be taken into account as to the effectiveness of the soloing.

I personally like the constant accumulation of xp vs getting it in a sort of big chunk.  Also even two boxed with a shaman  i was only getting 1%-2% aa xp off giants in BOT.  its really not that great for the effort.  

when I was looking for a place with easy solo xp I tried bot.. I stay away from the bugs upstairs because you get too many cleric mobs which just wastes too much damn time to be efficient.  

I then went to POV and solod the caves.  IMO still too much effort for the return

I went to PON and tried stalkers and Banshees.. same thing.. the return just wasnt that great.. IMO not worth the effort

then i did POD .. I really liked that spot.

I never really mess around soloing in COD because I dont particularly like those mobs.. and you can pull the Unslowable type.. which is bad..