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What server are you on?

Started by Aneya, November 10, 2004, 10:21:55 PM

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Go figure. Couldnt log in all weekend. I get winXP and boom. I can now log in. just need to up my RAM up to max now since I'm not on winME no more.
Animist Jkal Shi`har and tigger
Arch Animist of the Tribunal Server
My Magelo
*still my main since dec. 2001*


On Oasis.

Erudite Wizard - Fellwar


Guk, currently playing a Grape warrior named Laeadil


Permafrost ~

Swashbuckler named Nitzotle !
Feral Lord of Morell-Thule

Noxdowne Draggout

Permafrost server.

Noxdowne Draggout 65 Beastlord of Xev is now:

Kassel Draunkenfist 23 Bruiser of Permafrost


Blackburrow Server

Kerra Warden named Jolrash