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New tasks
« on: December 20, 2004, 04:19:22 PM »
With the patch it seems they've added a couple new taskmasters in gunthak that will give you level 70 tasks (I feedbacked for this because the dreadlands ones wouldn't give me tasks anymore) the first 3 were all similar,
"Ceremonial Functions" Long
 a)  Explore the assembly hall with the uneven floor (Nadox) you can only get here from the Torgian mines entrance
 b) kill 10 lugald guardians in Nadox. easy single pulls not too many hps or anything, watch out for enrage at 10% approx 1.5% AA at 70 these guys are in the north west
 c) loot 4 lugald tridents
 d) Explore the chamber with the ceremonial skull in the far east (Torgian) you can invis to here, in the far east, turn south at the 4 way room
 e) go to the bridge in torgian mines
 f)  kill 10 brokenskull blood-somethings (the trolls hanging around the bridge, all light blue at least 10 should be up so it's cake)
 g) hand in your 4 lugald weapons that you looted to a guy at the gunthak lighthouse town (hes marked on your compass)
for this one I got a little over 2% real exp did it again and got 36% AA(I have the iksar exp penalty) for the turn in and 227 plat, wasn't too bad

the medium one (named "Oh, Captain...")
 a) find the captain's room in Hate's Fury. theres undead and live mobs mixed in real close here, I killed what I couldn't invis past and stopped for a couple named, I probably could have just trained to each deck warp to speed this step up.
 b) kill 10 lugald guardians in nadox
 c) loot 4 tridents (or maybe it was daggers again, it doesnt matter they're all real common)
 d) Visit the entryway to Hate's Fury (weren't we just here?)
 e) bring the 4 weapons to a guy at the lighthouse in gunthak
this one snagged me ~117 plat and 25% AA xp on completion

the short one (named "Stick it to Them")
  a) kill 10 lugald guardians in nadox (deja-vu!)
  b) loot 4 lugald daggers (I'm pretty sure it was daggers this time)
  c) bring daggers back to gunthak
this time I wasnt looking at my xp bar before I turned in but it was ~ 20-25% AA

not too terrible xp if you're bored at first he offered me all 3 of these tasks now that I've done them all once he's just offering me the same ones one at a time, I'll do a couple more and edit any mistakes I made and I'll try to time myself, now that I know where the rooms I need to get to are it should go a little quicker.
Also a note for multi-boxers, anyone in your group with you gets task credit for the mobs you kill, so if say you have a cleric bot and he gets a task and needs to kill 10 lugald guardians and so do you you both get credit for each you kill.
*edited 4 brokenskulls to 10 and added the re-entry to hates fury (whata dummy)*
*edit* did some tasks again and made this more accurate
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Re: New tasks
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2004, 10:44:37 AM »
so some are harder than others, yer all yield same xp reward? weird.
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Re: New tasks
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2004, 11:00:35 AM »
Good info. I'm a level 69 Vah Shir...I wound up with 10% real experience after doing all three tasks, including whatever experience I got for killing stuff. Took me a bit over 3 hours, so I could have done better in a high-end exp group, but it's pretty good exp for soloing.

I'd note that the luggald guardian supply isn't large enough for more than one (individual or group) to do this at the same time without slowing each other down. And since all three tasks require killing them...

Minor corrections to Sasshaku's report:

long-e: it's 10 brokenskull's, not 4. But they're easy.

medium: insert after your c: Visit the zone-in area for hates fury zone (the storyline doesnt make sense on this point, since you've obviously already been there in step A, but it's required)

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Re: New tasks
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2005, 04:49:35 PM »
Duoed the short version with my wizard - was very easy although there was quite a bit of killing of other types of mobs than guardians involved. Took about an hour with travelling and all.
Yielded 11 pct AA  :|

Not worth it imho, even you can't find a group.