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hunril adventure part 2
« on: February 11, 2005, 01:00:10 AM »

       So as I walked through dawnshroud peaks it was a beautiful day . Me and my warder wrestled playfully on the was there. But when we got to the rockhopper caves my life was about to change as i know it. Standing there was a very tall human man and women both in bright res armor. They told me that there clan was farming luclin shards, so I asked if i could take a few off the sides. The women who i found out later to be named Shadowrealm agreed to let me take a pull off the side. After a few times of doing this I asked if i may join there raid and there guild. From that day foward I was in The High Order Of The Dragon.

        So after the raid my new friends and I departed for thr day I went home to my little shack in the plane of knowledge. So from a sound sleep I here a large banging sound on my door. The voice said " wake up we have work to do" this voice happend to me Demimetah. Now Demimetah was not your avrage man. He is a large muscular warrior with amazing weapon skills like no other youve never seen. He also is a very knowlegable man he plans how all are raids are going to go and stuff like that. But getting back on topic , Demimetah knocked on my door so when I went to answer he and helf of my guild was outside my door. He told me to suit up becasue we were going to kill Greig.


       So when we reached Greigs end we were informed of how we were to aprocah a enemy and what to do if we were being wounded. So as we got further into Greigs fortress we just were slaughtering everything. But then after we cleared this room But Demimetah said we dont have a key to greigs room.........

PART 3 soon to come

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