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Best L 70 solo spots .. So far ..

Started by Tatter, March 03, 2005, 11:11:53 PM

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Soloing Stormriders in BoT is pretty ez if you have the gear. Decent drops (Diamonds and such) and decent exp.
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Only annoyance there for me has always been CHs.  Even a few months ago, i would still have them get off more CHs than I was happy with, even with pet popping out irionu and epic stuns.


Slight shift, but just wanted to brag a lil.  Felt sorta cool to solo a WoS ukun yesterday.  Reason its an accomplishment is that i tried to pull it back down the hill where I agro'd it (i was otw to anguish & tried the wrong way there ;p) and was on wrong key pad.. so pet got et before I even started working it.  Was totally unbuffed for half the fight, till I relaxed & remembered potions.  Clicked the hps (which did save me ;p) and the ft.  FINALLY landed slow at abt 50%.  Threw everything had at em too ;p Killed the sob, me like 20%, under 1m, unhasted and unbuffed except my 36% from aug, potions & time cloak ds clicky.  Felt sorta cool.
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The Earth guys in Bot are pretty easy.  I am 10.5k with self buffs and Vic.  If I have C6 I can pretty much pull non-stop.  I go up  past the tables in the large hall where the Named guys is.  I clear out a pull spot and pull around the place keeping the named for last.  I have not tried to solo him yet, but I will.  I have a 56 tank, and necro that I plan to power there after I get them access.
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Just dinged 67 and bazaar geared... 5.2K hp (until my Driftwalker set is complete  :evil: ).  With viction and KEi can solo singles in the hub from any of the 4 directions... need to break after three.  Should be non-stop for 70 with more hp.
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