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Re: Fee Increases
« Reply #30 on: May 27, 2005, 07:33:16 PM »
Just to chime in on the Guild Wars angle here . . . 1) GW expansions will be higher priced than EQ's expansions . . . 2) GW is basically a giant LDoN . . . everything is instanced, which means there will NOT be a lot of hours and hours of QA to ensure the persistant world is balanced and golden for their players.  Although some of EQ's work is less than golden for sure . . . and to see EQ charging more money when more and more of their content is becoming instanced . . . well . . . um . . . at least you can still raid stuff . . . you can't do that in GW :-D

At this time, we don't know yet what Guild Wars expansions will cost as there have not been any released.  EQ expansions have been around $30 on release.  Even if GW expansions were to cost the same amount as the original game ($50), in a little over a month that fee would be met with the cost of EQ expansion (ie. $30 + $15 per month) .

As far as the mechanics of EQ versus GW, EQ is still a game based on a '98 engine.  Yes, some overhall was done with the release of Shadows of Luclin (and other various patches), but not much.  When GW patches a zone, they simply place the files on the server and tag the system to let the client know there is new content that needs to be downloaded and installed when the person attempts to enter said zone.  This is a revolution in patching and reduces downtime considerably.  The content gets more readily updated this way and there's is less downtime required since they don't have to bring the whole freakin world down to do it.

As far as raiding, yes, it does have it's moments and merits.  However, I still find that the most enjoyable experiences I have in EQ is doing dungeon crawls with a group.  LDoN's happen to be king in this area thus far and I'm disappointed that the same feel did not carry over in DoN as much.

One thing I have to say, as far as MMO's go, EQ still leads the way with me.  This is most likely due to the fact that I have been playing EQ since September 98 and it has become a sorta nostalgia for me.  I feel this is the feeling most of the old player base feels as well.  However, this is also one of themain reasons why I have adamantly argued against SOE raising the monthly fees in EQ.  To me (and I'm sure many others) it feels as if SOE is preying on this nostalgia in hopes of milking those of us who have built this nostalgia for the game and giving very little back.  Smedly promises to implement all new character models; then they turn around and act as if he didn't say it and state that they don't foresee doing this anytime in the future.  Broken issues go on unfixed.  At least Bill Gates brought Microsoft to a halt for 6 months in order to address fixing holes in their software (ie. he addressed the issue which is more than I can say for SOE who has totally ignored these issues).  And time and again it has been said that the whole newbie experience has to be re-worked in order to bring new players onboard with EQ.  If these areas go left without attention, then I see EQ following the same slow death that Ultima Online has endured which is sad.

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Re: Fee Increases
« Reply #31 on: May 29, 2005, 06:42:51 PM »
Sony has no legitimate reason to jack up their prices.  And like others have said, it should have gone down, not up.

And it doesn't matter what features Guildwars has or doesn't have, the fact is that there is NO monthly fee period.  Which is proof in itself that it can be done.

In fact bandwidth costs have even gone DOWN the past year from what I have read on several news sites.  And another point, is that Sony is offering a yearly fee of $99 (which means the price is less if you choose that, so therefore that means they CAN afford $8.25 a month(and you can bet they are still making money off that), but for whatever reason they decide to jack up the single monthly fee.

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Re: Fee Increases
« Reply #32 on: May 31, 2005, 01:20:30 PM »
EQ2  Sucks, I am A computer engineer and I can tell you prices do go up.
Even if EQ was $20.00 a month that would be $.67 A day, Where else can you go have that much fun
for $.67 A day.  can understand kids or people who are having hard times, but for most of us that
are working $15.00 is not a big deal. And is Sony tries to keep pushing us out there is always WOW!
and now guild wars if free. Kabbus not to single you out, but come-on. No reason.
Try playing one of the other games and see what kind of support you get.
Even though Guild Wars is free see how long that lasts. Sit back and think of all the little things sony needs to
think about. Electric, Insurance, Office, Computer Room,401K,Server Maintenance,Phone support and much the
list go on and on. I have owned a Computer Company and try hosting A web site it gets expence real quick.
What we should do is ask Sony to give of something with every renewal even more potions.

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Re: Fee Increases
« Reply #33 on: May 31, 2005, 02:17:33 PM »
Web Site hosting is so cheap now anyone can do it. You can have 99.99% uptime for the price of a Big Mac meal. The cost does not go up since they are still using the same hardware and just replace what breaks. They implemented all of their costs up front in the clusters and now just maintain. Bandwidth and hardware are both cheaper now than they were 5 years ago also.
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Re: Fee Increases
« Reply #34 on: May 31, 2005, 03:25:11 PM »
I find it funny folks are being sucked into defending/opposing this price increase.

It's still cheap entertainment, even if it were $19.99 a month.  And you know, I am sure I would pay $19.99 a month if it were that much.

Does this make me an ignorant consumer?  No.  Why?  Because "I" feel I am getting my money's worth from it.  And as long as I feel that way, I will continue to pay.

I won't pay $14.99 for WoW, or EQ2, because I don't think I should have to pay to be tortured by boring crap.  I don't get my moneys worth from them.

I don't care where the money is spent so long as I am getting my entertainment value from it.

If you are subscribed to  the fee.....sure, you have a right to complain I suppose.  It's a bit hypocritical though, since you control where your money goes.  The best way to complain and have your complaint noticed however, is to stop paying.  There's a novel idea.

If you are no longer a subscriber....There's nothing for you to say.
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