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Started by Akiah, May 21, 2005, 11:30:48 PM

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Went to unrest today, the undead there are very easy, and give nearly 2 blue a kill. Id compare it to PoFire castle 1, with fewer max hits, and a bit more XP. Plus, as an added bonus, can possibly get a 60 HP/mana aug when you complete the mission. The only catch is, you need 3 people to start the mission, and they have to stay in the mission (not in group, they just can't drop the mission) the whole time. Also, adds can be a bit tricky, just be patient when pulling, and some pet pulling might be necessary if you want only singles.


How do you get the mission to do Unrest?  I'd love to try a few of these.


There is high elf npc near the Gfay zoneline in butcherblock.  Hail him...follow the text and he will direct you to an npc in Dagnors.  From will *poof* into instanced version of unrest.  Experience is out of this world.  Couple times we attempted...we decided to clear the mobs since there were no repops and made roughly 3aa per quest attempt.
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Wow will definetely have to try that on Monday when I am off.  maybe grab some guildies and do a few of these all day long.  Thanks.

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Been 2-boxing these last few days with 70 cleric-bot ( third toon logged on to get instance ). Depending on how the pulls go, can finish in around 30 to 45 mins. Out of 10 instances got 2 augs and 8 cloaks. Only risky times are when I screw up and get 5+ incoming  :-D

Well worth camping for the aug tho
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how much does Unrest mobs hitting for and can they be single pull?

Might as well ask what is general idea of what to do in this instance? Is those giving crystal like DoN or just exp?


I have also been doing this mission trying for the aug... very nice type 7.  Last time I went was with a very talented wizzy... he was somehow magically able to single pull all the nameds to the zl.  A combo of his sword, snare, and abscond... whatever, he was awesome.
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What is the name of the 60hp/mana aug?


Are there more missions like this? Anyone have a link to a list?
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