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DPS calculator

Started by Animist, May 26, 2005, 02:58:51 AM

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Quote from: Sanois on October 10, 2006, 05:33:23 PM
does anyone have a copy of the original spreadsheet version?

Only DPS calc I have in spreadsheet format is the one posted long ago on Monkly-Business that I believe pertains pretty much exclusively to monks due to the formula calculations.

If you're interested, PM me and I can email you a copy.



I could email a copy also.  I have the origional excel based version.  PM for contact info.


Looks like this DPS calculator is now broken beyond usefulness. It's weapon database no longer includes all the modern weapons people actually have.


it's still good up to a certain point in progression, but since Animist got annoyed, it's no longer supported. I'm not sure who's willing to take it up again. There were a few people who offered to continue the project, but I think that it's fallen by the wayside.  :-(
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The weapon database was working up until a couple days ago.  I don't know what database it's pulling from, I thought it was from  Their site still works fine.  :| /shrug


Well, it's down.....again.

Too bad no one here is into sharing code. Could be a really useful utility if not for the frequent downtime and slow connectivity.

If anyone does have this code, please let me have a copy so I can build a stable web service on my web hosting box.



EDIT: is where copro's spreadsheet is on these boards.

Can this not be used to make the dps calc'r again?  It will require a fair amount of update, since I think the level cap was 65 when Copro retired.

I know that Animist had talked about linking to the eqitems db for the weapons database.

I really like having this tool available and would love for it to be revived by someone.
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