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This will hopefully be a very simple and smooth going thread.  All I need are troll beastlords to post how they feel about their new warder graphics so I can get some idea of where people stand on it.  A simple ye or nay will likely suffice, but if you want to say more go for it.  8)  Please also tell others to drop a little post in this thread if they want or PM me or e-mail me.  I'll leave this here for a few days as more and more play around with the new warders.  No guarantees on what will happen, but would like to consolidate the multiple threads we've got going on these boards atm.

Adding screenshot of the new warder: http://www.geocities.com/shadowblade3000/newgator.JPG


Thankfully it sounds like it is temporary. I loved my alligator, and miss it to death now. I really want it back, as the new warder sorta turns me off from playing my BL. ;_;

I hope they fix the graphics issue asap with the old model alligator and give it back to us.

Caave Monster:
I'll have to go with Yay for now.

The new graphic isn't that bad and I have to be glad it isn't something worse. (though I would be happy with the basilisk from poearth look more)
Whenever they change it back, the old gator model is fine. (poearth basilisk preferable though!)  :-)

Nay, Bring back Gator plz


I'm a 70 Vah Shir Beastlord....with a 61 Troll Beastlord alt named Stieve Uhrwen...I need my croc back (he wasn't a gator.) ;)

On a side note, if it weren't for my name, I'd like the new warder. /shrug


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