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Solo in DoD?

Started by DontPetBear, September 19, 2005, 05:14:49 PM

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Just got my 69 DoN spell this morning, thanks to some nice bored ppl on Nameless, and dinged 69 to scribe it in.  Was thinking of heading back down to 68, unless someone has found some decent solo, exp. spots in the new Zones.  Heard something about some Shroud missions that you can do for decent AA, but don't know if you can do them solo or not.  Leaning towards not buying new expansion for a few weeks.  Haven't really seen anything that great unless the greater/glowing shadowspine? runes are more common than mpg groups.
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Most zones are blue at 70... I've been doing some solo tasks in stoneroot falls when lfg the last couple days.  Exp is "ok" solo... maybe an aa an hour.  I've managed to take up to 3 mobs at once there, but just barely that... unless you have a lot of defensive aa and know you can get singles, thats probably not a very good place for exp solo.  Many of them also run, but fetter and sometimes deathblow stops them pretty well.

I believe undershore is just a bit easier... but not really messed with it much.


Easy solo at base of second bridge in Undershore (or some such) for a lvl 70 mid-range bazaar geared.
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One complaint I have about some of the mobs I've taken on solo was the luclin level hps some of em had.. take abt 3 mins to kill one of em.  Was able to take on 3 at once when fully buffed, but it took a good while to do.. and xp didn't seem that great relative to work put in.
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Solo the Hive. Of course they hit kinda hard, but their resists suxxor, so its very easy
to get fetter to land on. So.... Kite! Get pet up buffed, turn taunt off and get your DoT's
and nukes up. Lots of room to run, with Chimera Blood and Festering Malady mobs die
pretty fast as long as you go in melee some and kite. Make sure you dont use any stun procs
on your pet also or your kiting fun will come to a crashing halt. Personally i dont use any procs
while kitling just haste, weps, fetter and 1.5 click. Good xp and if you know how to pet pull in sticky
areas you will have no adds. Takes a little practice but works well when ya got it down. Invest in
some HoT potions and comence the xp! Hope this helps.


Undershore is Fast easy kills when killing time I believe I get between 2 and 3 % a kill on most mobs can handle 4 or 5 at a time but have to med before next pull when i pull like that
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reasonable spot to hunt in Undershore is on the bank of the pool near the mindspoor. Can single pull the Basiliasks there with ocasional doubles. Also get a named occasionally with a nice neck item or face item. Both sellable/tributable. Another good point is that from there you can still run to zoneout if needed without too much trouble
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