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If not buffs, then what?

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I think the fero discussion has gone pretty well, but it's made me wonder about something else.  Recently I've seen more and more bst talking about how they don't want to be buff bots or whatever.  I've seen some want fero to stay single target, I've seen some that don't want it upgraded so they don't have to use it, some that don't like upgrades to SA, etc.

Bsts are an offensive utility class.  We always have been.  On a raid we have SA as our main buff, used to have fero as a secondary buff, and had filler buffs based on other classes not being present(haste, hp, sv, infusion, etc).  Also we offer slow, but with recent changes to other slows, proc slows, AE slows, clicky stick slows, etc it just doesn't pan out for a lot of bst.  We have perfection as well, but that's highly debated and many find it wanting these days.

With that in mind, exactly what do those of you againist buffing propose as the reason for bringing extra bst along to a raid?  Obviously, we aren't ever going to be wanted by the dozen, but what exactly is the second bst supposed to bring to a raid outside of modest dps.  Balanced a bst isn't going to out dps a wiz, a rog, a zerker, at the very least.  Mage, necro, monk can all be debated and vary.  And in many cases we are at about ranger level dps.  If that held then bst would be middle of the road dps and unlike a shm that is doing champion and panther extra bst aren't actually adding any other dps to people.

I ask because I am honestly confused and unsure what some people want.  People have wanted dps fixed and that I understand and want as well, but with dps fixed bst still aren't going to get raid spots over rogues or many other classes.  We need something that makes a second and maybe even a third bst desireable to a raid.  Fero seems like an obvious choice for that as each bst could fero 3 or 4 people so that represents a sizeable boost to the raid outside of just their personal dps.

I guess what it comes down to is if I'm a guild leader that already has 100% raid attendance for bst what is your sales pitch to get a raid spot over say a rogue, a zerker, a shaman, a bard, etc?  This is mainly for those that don't seem to want more utility or atleast more buffs/buff changes. 

Its a big plus for those of us that want to see group fero.  Group fero would make beasts widely wanted for raids because of the fact that we not only add dps ourselves, but add dps to the raid as a whole.

The offensive utility class is the main reason that I chose a Bst to begin with. Being pure DPS as a Wizzie was fun, but it was a lot more fun to be in the action and be useful to groups. I spent 3 lonely years as a quadding Wizzie, being a Bst was fun because you could solo, duo or group. Without buffs to provide groups there wouldn't be a big use for us. Wizzies can out DPS.

I just hope that group Fero is in addition to single target, not instead of.

Not everyone raids.

I'm pretty happy with the changes we have received recently with DoD spell and disc, plus the change to SA.  With that said our raid function really hasn't gone up much still.  During our raids we have 1 to 3 BL's but most of the time it was just 1, myself.  The other BL's were never really missed quite frankly but I guess you can say the for many of the classes.  Without adding any type of buff or utility to our current line up there really isn't much use in bring more than 1 BL for those raids with strict numbers. 

I was trying to come up with some type of function that didn't overlap too much with other classes:

We could have some type of mirror/reflect spell for group to use during AE encounters.  There was a weapon proc (from Ldon??) of this sort but seemed hard to managed due to timing.  Or make it similar to our pet rune that absorbs 3-4 number of hits or spells before it wears off. (Yes I know this is a buff and opposite of the title of this post)

If we are not getting buffs then perhaps some type of recourse effect similar to necros and SK's.  Since they have mana and health covered (although that seems like our area with SA) perhaps an endurance recourse effect from a spell or proc.   Useful to all?  No, but would help perhaps half or 2/3 of a raid.

A short duration long recast AA or disc to share our Protective Spirit discipline, or along the same line but making it offensive is to make a mob vunerable to melee attacks for a short period of time, say 30 secs?  and have 2-4 times the damage similar to the MPG weaponry trial.

These would also benefit group situations and soloing, so just not for the raiding BL.


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