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Well decided to try PoF C1 today

Started by Gunzak, December 24, 2005, 10:27:49 AM

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I brought 3 stacks of healing potions and got buffed up and decided to try C1.  I was able to kill pretty easily there as long as I used a heal pot each fight.  I was getting 7% a kill so I will definetely be coming back here more often.  With 25 more AAs I can get 2 more mana regen and 4 more hp regen so ill concentrate on those as well as getting as many DoD upgrades as I can before I return.


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I am still a quite a bit undergeared for C1 but with the help of potions it's not too bad.  Main issue I have is mana regen and dps.  I can't regen mana very fast even with SA and KEI pots and it can take 3-4 minutes per fight.  Once I get the 70 pet and the 68 DoD pet that will help a bunch as well as getting some more offensive AAs.  I am going to get Sinister Strikes and Fury of magic 3 and start on my healing AAs soon so this should help a lot, though the healing AAs wont put out any more DPS.  The other main problem is the 1hb I use has a fire based proc which is useless against mobs in Plane of Fire.  I am gonna try and get a weapon with the same ratios and a different proc which should also help.


aye.. having one of the procs be ineffective sucks.

for a while, I was having to use one potion/kill.  Now (more avoidance & few more defensive AAs), its lot better.  All of the spell aas were capped by then.

Getting your proc dpsing again will help a lot and of course the wonderful wonderful taps ;p

while tru that the healing aas wont help you dps as hard, it will lessen the time that you have to spend healing yourself.

I do tend to kill the first few mobs pretty quickly and then start to slow down into a groove with slightly slower kills, since I tend to burn thru mana a lil fast on first few, and then just go into ostrich mode (turn on attack & look away) when I hit 2m so I can med it back up again.
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Yeah having a fire proc is useless there but I can probly solo or at worst 1 group the named horse near the zone in that drops the h2h weapon with pet proc.  There is also a h2h weapon thats a random drop in 69.1 so I could just form a few kite groups and farm one.

As for defense I have all my defensive AAs pruchased through PoP and have 10 avoidance from the DoD ring.  I plan to get the belt from 69.2 Hard soon which will get me to 20 avoidance.  As for the OoW and DoD defensive I heard that they are 25aa for 2.5% and .75% which seems like a waste of 50AA or 100AA if you buy both avoidance and mitigation.  Maybe after offense and healing AAs are done I might consider the OoW defensive but I will not pay 25aa for .75%.

I can usually kill the first 2 or 3 pretty quick then get low on mana and have to med 1-2 minutes.  I use defense disc every kill and hit paragon and fury as often as I can which helps.  If i could raise my Mana Regen from AA and gear it would help a lot though looking at it I am not sure that 10aa for 2 mana regen is worth it as thats only an extra 20mana each minute.


Yep, have to use a different weapon which i keep around for pofire only now, the proc on my tonfa just doesnt cut it there :(.


Joy is the day when you can clear both levels of C1 and have half the courtyard cleared before your lesson of devotion expires. I usally try to go there once a day to gain 3 aa's  :-D
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Some people are like Slinkies...

Not really good for anything,
but they still bring a smile to your Face when you push them down a flight of stairs.


So, Kirish, does the Servent keep up the heals pretty good, or do you have to pop a potion once in a while?


Hmm never done C1 myself, used to do field 1 when I was doing gate necklace but not been back since as I didn't think I was well enough geared. Guess now I am though. Will probably end up going there each morning before work to use lesson if I give it a go  :-D


I started going just under 6k unbuffed.  I now hit 7071 unbuffed and have 30 avoidance and 1% shielding so getting easier for me.  I also lucked out and won a 1hb with a cold based proc so i sold my gold dragorn mace back to the vendor and will use this instead.  I still want to get the h2h from 69.1 since its proc is a 100 life tap instead of the stupid stun proc on claws which every mob i kill is immune to anyway.


/cheer... even more a convert /major h8 on for stun procs

I know some tanks that are using the big stun procs over hate procs now bcs of the agro.

Blows my mind seeing some monks with 2 stun procs on their epic 2.0

and grats on that cold proc'r.

Edit: NM.. found the weapon... not bad.. that one seems worth the effort there
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The MAJOR negative I see with the Barbed Chitin Hand Wraps from 69.1 is the slot is type 7.  I can not add another life tap proc, type 4/8, so this will seriously drop my dps down.  Gonna have to rethink this one and look around a bit more.


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Very strange Allahs shows it as type 7.  Must be a typo on Allahs.  Well thats good news then I'll have to farm one on Saturday I guess.


aye.. allak screws up a lot.

hell... I thot that the anguish arms & hands both had imp block 3 on them for a long time bcs of allak.  Can we say I'm a lil miffed at the limited option for imp block now? ;p
Kez's Magelo 85 "Arch Animist" of Final Empire on Povar