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Started by Shieloh, February 22, 2006, 04:24:52 AM

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Ok, I'll be the newb and ask...

How do I chat on the serverwide channel: /say?  :?
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/1 Look I'm talking in the channel!

You can always type /list to see the number of channels that you're currently in (You can be in a bunch at a time).  The number in front of the channel corresponds to the / command you'd use to speak in that channel.


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Brell Serilis Refuge Slum'n in Cazic Thule


Bah  Only 5 in the channel today this morning.  Past that I had to try 3x to get in.  Anyone else having difficulties?
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I miss the old beasty channel muchly.


Same here Jat, and hey to any beasties out there that know me :)
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there were 15 in the channel last night when I was on.
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would be great to see more people in the channel right now we are around 15ish on a regular basis, we could easily break 25 if more would join!!!


i still have to remember to add it to my autojoin, it'll be #9 on my lists.
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I'm at 9 channels atm or i would join more = /.

Maybe on none raid times ill drop some raid channels and pop in.
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Ha I think I will join this channel to see what's going on in game.  I just signed back in after a three year hiatus.


It's fairly active, though many servers are not present.  I'm the only person from Luclin who logs in.  Mostly Bristle, AB, Maelin, Saryrn.


Just to already beat a dead horse with this question, what is the channel name and pw? I've tried to join a few times but I seem to have something wrong b/c there is never anyone in the channel I join.


Quote from: Merescata on February 22, 2006, 04:28:48 AM
/join serverwide.beastlords:beastlords

Make sure you have it w/ the "s"! :)