Author Topic: OT: PoR what found so far  (Read 20242 times)

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OT: PoR what found so far
« Reply #30 on: March 11, 2006, 03:26:41 PM »
this thread was about PoR as a whole, and as this is a beast place that meens how do PoR affect us. the main issue we have that we could hope SoE would have addressed is our dps and raid utilities. therefor this thread have greatly evolved around this issue, and yes there might be some posts that offer little new and some that does bicker more than offer information of any kind. but this is how it will always be. if you are not interestet in reading this about how they have affectet our class as a whole, and how we feel about these effects you should read some of the more specified posts about auras and other stuff.. but dont start insulting the other people here because this thread dont evolve as you would have liked..
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OT: PoR what found so far
« Reply #31 on: March 11, 2006, 09:37:09 PM »
should change the thread name to "POR.. what we HAVENT found so far" !! lol

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OT: PoR what found so far
« Reply #32 on: March 12, 2006, 07:26:42 PM »
actually I think Bri has a point, this thread isn't about numbers or whether or not anything is the title states"PoR what you found so far" .....It's not "PoR what pisses you off so far......"  (i'm finding this thread something I scan through in hopes someone has found something I haven't heard of or know about and a lil info)

I don't see mention of "the Needy" task, or the ring or earring tasks from Relic, I don't see any mention for you number people how hard/easy certain zones are.....I still haven't found any/done any of the new MM missions, and I know they are there because I've seen mention of them on other threads, web sites etc..

Briguy's point is that some of us are not die hard play every day as much as you can possibly stand, and when you can't play read every board and every thread,  sort of people out there that would like to see a thread about what people have found one or two comments on whether it is fun/hard/etc........where do you get the MM's? where are the zones?   What tasks are worth doing or not worth doing and why (if you want to post an opinion on something) Briguy and I are just looking for helpful tips on how to get around, most of what you "high end" or "high playtime" beasts have found, you're not're worried about an aura we didn't get.  Some of us don't know the questions to ask, because we don't know what is out there. 

for Briguy: if you haven't heard about the tasks in relic use alla to look up "the needy" and other tasks in relic, there is one that gives a decent ring (200hps i think) and basically it involves running around killing stuff in arcstone (where btw pick up groups aren't too hard to get) and "the needy" is basically the same thing, I think that gives a 55/55/55 aug (not looking at my beast atm to know for sure).  There is a task in relic that is helluva funny because you have to "steal" from another merchant......who has guards all around for you have to wait till there back is turned and click on the item to steal it....if nothing else it's entertaining :)  Mapfiend has new maps to download to help you find your way about as well

the cloak quest, mention at the beginning of this thread.....lvls really fast if you haven't got any other evolving items going....but if you have other evolving items the "evolving exp" is shared amongst the items and it goes way slow.

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OT: PoR what found so far
« Reply #33 on: March 12, 2006, 09:15:24 PM »
Rake is the only thing thats been found :p
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Re: OT: PoR what found so far
« Reply #34 on: July 31, 2006, 11:25:58 AM »
Well I have read the first two pages of talk about POR and some beastlord AAs/abilities we have, one being Rake and Feral Swipe.

1) Feral swipe is NOT useless...hitting that key at a good time and doing a 300+ punch is nice, mana free and END FREE too! So please don't knock it! /hissss!

2) Rake - as someone stated its not an upgrade - its a COMPLETELY NEW ABILITY. I for one, LOVE IT. I did almost a 3k punch on a raid just a few days ago with it, (was 2668 actually). That was freaking awesome and is my highest punch ever lol.

And yes I am a high end beastlord, raiding high end content, so that type of dps was the type I am looking for to do so I can make the top ten on parse

I will agree thou, that we need to have our dps upped/retuned a bit, and I guess I am basically saying H2H damage here..monks punch for like 400-600 and I am still hitting in the 100-200 range, and then an ocassional/rare 300 normal, and anything higher than that is a critical. If we are half monk, why are we still hitting around 70s,100s, 200s when we are level 70 and are Anguish geared? I kinda hate not being able to give a bit more higher dps, and this falls once again to what Tastian spoke about of beastlords ending up to want more dps beacause..what else can we give a raid or what else do we have to offer at this stage of the game, when so many other classes can cover most of what we can do? :( ...*sigh* now I am sad....

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