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The History of......

Started by KingofBeast, April 21, 2006, 03:17:40 AM

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 Not to long ago, a small , well small as Northmen go boy was born in Halas.  As he grew in age he was skilled as a warrior , but not skilled enough to become a warrior by proffesion, skilled in magic, but not compentont enough to become one. He was an outcast among his friends. Yet, one day while adventuring with his mother ( an extremely talanted rogue ) and his Father (an amazing shaman) He was savagely attacked by a white wolf.
     All of a sudden out of thin air an smaller , yet more powerful and quicker wolf appeared , savagely he dismantled the horrid attacker. At that very moment the mind of man and beast became intertwined .
    "I am Orgarth, A male I dont know what of the 5th season." Answered the humainiod
   " I am Kilarth, A male wolf of the 4th seasson. "Answered the amazing beast.

    The out of the thin air appeared the Beastlord guildmaster. The parents the whole time sitting stunned, listened as the guildmaster explained what thier sons destiny would be. When he returned to the city the guildmaster taught him how to control the magic of the shaman, just not as indept. He taught him the ways of the meele, how to use a dagger, and hand to hand. His friends became awed of his power and bond with his warder. His bond was not limited to his wolf , he could contact with many other animals. His friends were awed at this, and gave him the nickname Kingofbeast. This name was much liked by  Orgath, who hated his name as it seemed Troll or Ogreish. The name surrounded him with arrogance and made everyone call him that save two people , his father and his guildmaster.
    His arrogance led him to attack savagely with his new found magical and physical skills,Blackborrow , the land of the gnolls. He went into Blackburrow confident and slayed many gnolls. Much to his surprise he found that they never stopped attacking, and kept coming , he was forced to flee, as he neared Everfrost Peaks, an gnoll axe, hit is back, and sent him to the spirit realm
    His warder and he , wandered around and saw the true light, the light of Mithaniel Marr. He was sent by the Lightbringer back to Halas, to the beastlord guild. As he proclaimed his belief to Mithaniel Marr to his guildmaster, an Shaman overheard. Seeing this as treachery he took it to the head shaman, Kilmag, his father. His father finding out about his belief cast him out of his house, and banaished him from Halas. He wandered aimlessly until he met an troll. A troll with such magical  powers that he was bainished from his home as well, his name - Tormetator. Together the two outcast, ironiclly both of the 20th season , set off for Netherbian Lair, where they quickly grew to the 26th season, and became realtively powerful in thier own right. Next they entered Dawnshroud Peaks. A dangerous area to say the least. Tormentator and Kingofbeast worked together , and slayed many a giant mushroom. Next they began there travel around the world, and amazingly in 4 seasons, they had made a name for themselves, The Dynamic Duo of Norrath. Tormentator the Troll Shaman whos name no one knew, and Kingofbeast , the Barbarian Shaman whos name was long forgotten.
     Now in  thier 30th season, they began to prepare for the future. Whatever Mithaniel Marr, the lightbringer will bring Kingofbeast, who remains an outcast because of this belief. Or what Fear Cazic-Thule will demand Tormentator to put into peoples heart. Together the two most unlikely compainions stand together to face the future.