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The Beginning....
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First time i have tried writing a story so here goes nothing.

Many seasons ago, A tiny Vah Shir kitten was born to parents who though they loved her never knew quite what to make of thier smallest daughter, who they named Gaeastar which means Mother Star. Now this kitten had a tendancy to wander if unsupervised often into places where she shouldnt be. Her first big adventure which would lead her to the path she was to follow took place when she was about 9 seasons old.

               Mother, When are we going to be there. Soon Star, the evening has barely begun and the Fire Dances will not begin until midnight. Calm down child, said her father the distinguished warrior Khaaharen, his coat was the color of a tawny cougar with fur as soft as his velvet paws were gentle. Settling down I played with my pet a tiny mouse I had rescued from a trap when I was a mere 3 seasons of age, thinking back I had rescued many creatures over the years the only one I had not been allowed to keep being a small injured rockhopper since they were dangerous.  I was very happy with my new teal leather outfit, and was impressed with the red plate that my father wore proudly, and when my mother came out with her gorgeous gold ornate chain armor I was very impressed for she was one of the Training masters of the shamans guild, Maaree  was well acomplished and enjoyed teaching young Vah shir the skills of the shaman. I myself had learned some small skills and thought I too might become a shaman, It might have happened that way except for the fateful events of the evening to come.

               Finally on our way, I pranced and wandered pulling my parents to and fro it being a feast night when all would be allowed to stay up late and do things normally forbidden, tonight I was to be presented to the King and given my chance to apply for citizinship in Shar Val. I and many of my peers were very proud and we did our best to mimic our parents proud bearings as we were presented to the King. He handed each of us a note to take to the Registrar and informed us gravely that it was a great responsibility and a great honor to be citizins of Shar Val. Thinking deeply over what we had been told I was less adventurous than normal for awhile and fell asleep near my older sister who had come home for the festival day. I awoke to find a blanket over me and most of the Festival crowd had dispersed, the fires burning low, this didnt hinder me much I got up and went wandering as was my custom and of course since there was no one to tell me not to go so far or so long I decided to see where the path I had always been told to avoid following went. I had learned to avoid many of the wandering creatures in the Shadeweavers Thicket and managed to get quite far along the path before I found a great cavern at the end of it and that was where my luck wore out.

             As i looked into the cavern unsure of where it lead or what strange creatures might inhabit it, I forgot rashly to watch my surroundings. I saw out of the corner of my eye just an instant too late a furless creature covered in leather armor, then I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head and tumbled into the cavern before the world went dark. I awakened with a throbbing skull to a soft mewling noise, and found myself bound tightly to a cage. Looking about me, I saw to my great horror many skins CAT SKINS hanging from the walls and on drying racks. Inside the cage i was bound to was a scrawny little black kitten barely older than myself  and the instant my eyes met hers I knew her name, and it was Nightfall. Her Mother had been taken from her hours before, and she had heard the man creatures say that I would make a pretty rug if grown a little. Shivering with revulsion, I asked Nightfall to try to chew through my bonds promising to free her if i could. It took awhile for her to chew through my bonds without giving it away every time one of the keepers came she would lay on my bonds concealing the frayed state of them. Finally freed, I shook my hands out to restore circulation and began working on the rope latch on the cage that my young friend was in, struggling with the strange knots, they loosened and finally fell away freeing Nightfall. Warned by the flash of fear in her mind, I turned and saw a club decending once more upon me. Before I decended into darkness once more I sent Nightfall for help.

          Unbeknownst to me my parents had found the small shamans pouch on the path towards the poachers lair and had rallied the guards, who were even then marching on the small poachers camp. Nightfall the small black kitten reached them before they were even halfway down the path to the poachers lair and she found the nearest beastlord among them and told them of my fate, and what was planned if they didnt hurry. Having completed her mission she turned and ran back the way she came. The soldiers followed as quickly as they were able only to see her vanish into a small cavern partially hidden by bushes. Stopping to quickly form a plan of attack, the Vah Shir quickly follow Nightfall. What they see as they enter is a human 6 foot tall standing over the unconscious body of Gaeastar, while Nightfall stands guarding her chosen lifemate. The human holds a huge club poised to end the lives of both halves of this whole, the kittens worry awakens Gaeastar, groggy and sick feeling I try to move holding onto Nightfall for balance not seeing the rescue party. Unable to move away from the fight, I stand shakily and prepare to meet my fate pushing Nightfall behind me. **Twang** My head swivels in surprise as 12 Vah Shir archers release arrows in concert felling the giant and his companions and saving myself  and Nightfall from joining the pelts of our Kin on the walls of this foul cavern. Pleased to be rescued, I introduce Nightfall to the rescue party and vice versa. They insist on checking me for more wounds than the 2 lumps on my skull that taught me more caution than I had known to date and lead me to the lifemate i would never have found without them. Somberly after tending to my wounds, the soldiers began organizing a burial detail for those of our kin who were not so lucky as Nightfall and I, I helped to gather and bury many pelts and skins and to free the few who like me had escaped the fate I had so narrowly. We traveled back to Shar Val over the next three days. I learned much of myself in that time. In finding my lifemate I also found my path as a Beastlord and decided to go through with becoming a citizen of  Shar Val. I still had the note, King Raja had given me tucked into the pocket of my leggings, now to find Registrar Bindrah.
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