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Grouped: LDoN
« on: January 14, 2004, 07:16:47 PM »
LDoN is tough to beat in the late 40s and early 50s for EXP.  Sure, getting a group together (or, if you are passive, waiting for a group to invite you while you are LFG) takes time - but the time it takes is more than made up for by the quick epxerience.

At 47 and 48 I was getting from 20 - 25% (ie 1 yellow + ) per adventure.  If you get a good group together and knock out a few back to back that can get to a yellow every hour and a half.

Your right: that's NOT as fast as you could probably get experience soloing (particularly if you are well twinked ;) ), but it IS a LOT more fun than soloing!

And that's why we play this game, isn't it?  For the FUN??

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Grouped: LDoN
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2004, 08:02:47 PM »
You're not kidding... as an untwinked beastlord, there was almost no way I could beat the experience I got from LDoN missions in the 40s. Unless I had a really bad group, it was a heck of a lot more fun than killing wolves and bats in Tenebrous for hours on end.

The only depressing part is when you hit level 51 and start getting 1-2 blues per adventure instead of 1 yellow ;)
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Grouped: LDoN
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2004, 09:27:39 PM »
I agree. As an Iksar, it takes me 3 kills solo to make 1%.... In a LDoN group it takes 2 kills, sometimes just 1.5 in a hard.

After being burned by a string of idiot groups, I stopped doing LDoN... dumb me! I've raced through most of 47 with a single group, doing two hards and a puny "collect 18" free AP adventure...

Just a thought, has anyone made a study of racial modifiers in LDoN? Because I seem to be getting exactly as much as everyone else, even with a 20% penalty

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Grouped: LDoN
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« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2004, 08:26:44 PM »
I started this range in OT, getting groups in the SW corner. The Levels came rather slow, but I made decent money, and collected Sarnak War Braids for faction.
At 41, I got an invite to do LDoN. At that point, I had done I think 3 so far.
The XP was incredible. 1/2 a level per adventure. 40 to 50pp in the split. And Augs to boot. WOOT!
There were the occasional Adventures that went bad due to bad groups. A tank that pulled for himself, and didn't understank why the whole room followed him back to the group. But kept doing it. (My only loss so far).

At Level 44, I got into a group going to Dulak to do the TEMP quest for a 42 Cleric who wanted the spell in advance of Level 44. In 3 nights we got the spell, and had formed a friendship. Me, the Cleric, and a Palladin have been doing mostly LDoN's together, and have added several really good players to out regular groups. An outstanding enchanter (can mez up to 6 adds, I saw him do it), a SDN that really rocks, and I hope we have found a regular in the RNG from the other night, as he was on of, or THE best puller I've played with to date.
I hope to continue to do LDoN untill I get Pack Shrew, and maybe beyond. It might get me thru the 47 to 49 hump with less pain.