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Good soloing spot for easy xp

Started by Tigrah, July 14, 2006, 02:35:37 PM

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heh.. just had to play with them for some of the quests.. and then there's ToB trees... grrrrrrrrrrr.. hateses them, we do.  I summon up about 200 stars everytime we otm there, just cuz I know i'll spend most of the trash clear fighting at range.
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Yeah I stay away from Arcstone soloing myself. Have tried a couple times got mobs to about 40% then had to make a dive over the side to Freeport.  But I can handle WoS mobs no problem but it comes with a little down time for mana regen. When i can I box a friends sham in WoS and can cahin pull if teh mobs are up lol...

and magelo is up to date except a few AA Hp are off slightly because I am not a gold member for the magelo update maybe about 200-300 HP


Greetings to all.  I am new to this forum.  I am glad I have stumbled across this.  Lots of good information and answers.  I have been looking for a good place to solo for a long time that will give decent xp.  I tried the murkglider caves the other night and it was really good xp.  Was taking on 2 at a time with no problem.  They do tend to run pretty fast so adds can be tricky if you don't pull them far enough.  Was a steady pace of killing.  I think I will be hunting there for a bit till I find something that will give you more XP.  Will try PoF C1 also to see if that gives more XP.


I like the Fallen Spirits camp in Arcstone as well.  I can solo there all day long without having to stop to med, can afk (camp in the valley with the wisps) without any threat from roamers, and net about an AA in 25-30 minutes.  I've seen from 7-9% AAXP per kill.  No drops to speak of, but a very good XP spot.  Throw in a bot and you are still getting around 5% a kill.

Just my 2PP



Murk caves are now light blue at 71 =(
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New /con system in effect...i.e. green con mobs give exp.
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new dark blue = level - 5

new lb = old blue/dark blue up to the level 5 difference.

new green = old lb

new grey (looks a lot like white on the target ring to me =/) = old green
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