Author Topic: Level 70 normal LDoNs - 105 pts  (Read 5962 times)

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Level 70 normal LDoNs - 105 pts
« on: August 10, 2006, 12:55:58 PM »
Not sure if this is widely known. I at least wasn't aware of it until just the other day. The lvl 70 LDoNs (aka 65 hards) are quite easy anymore and give you 105 points. Did a couple over the last two days and found that all mobs on track were dark blue at 70. Where they used to hit for 900s they now hit for ~600s; if that. Clerics/Chanters can use the lvl 65/64 (respectively) paci spell but expect many resists and failures - at least it is an option now where before it wasn't. From the perspective of the NRo camps most pulls had 1-3 mobs which I could handle fine*. As always never take a collect 23 as you wont finish. Collect 27/28 isn't bad. Did a collect 20 and hardly had to move away from the zone in (though there was 4 rooms off the initial zone in room). All that said the xp for the time spent here sssuuuuuccckkkkkssss. Was 4 boxing 70 Bst, 70 Dru, 66 Mage, 66 Cleric. The Mage got 1.5 blues in the hour+ it took me to do the mission. With more toons and/or more humans it could probably be done much faster. At least if you need the pet focus aug these are an option from a content perspective vs 2x the number of missions at the lvl < 67 group average range.

*The classes/levels I had are mentioned above. Bst has 10k hp buffed, ~1600 AC, ~600 AAs. Cleric is played with an n52 behind a KVM sharing the monitor with my Bst tank. Gave up on casting paci after 2 or 3 rooms given the resist and failure rate. For pulls that would have more then 3 I would use Dru snare + CoH to split. Otherwise it was pull with slow, both pets + DDs on 1 mob, cleric HoT for reduced aggro; start slow sweep on the mobs to keep them on me. Usually wasn't a problem using CH from that point out. Am a big fan of rain spells so single mobs go down fast with both Mage and Druid casting theirs. Obviously taking care with multiple mobs in the camp.

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Re: Level 70 normal LDoNs - 105 pts
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2006, 06:44:59 PM »
Just noticed this the other day as well on my beastlord.  105 points was awesome.  Me, monk and my boxed cleric cleared 3 nro ldons in just over 45 minutes.  Hello RGC LOL.  Quick easy and painless.  BTW no single pulls either monk (15k) tanked,  me (13k) added slow and some dps cleric only had to heal a few times, kept forgetting i had her there to be honest.