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Zone Experience Modifier Listing
« on: January 15, 2004, 06:07:33 am »
Originally posted here by ShaitynAB

Not sure who the original poster was, I ripped it from EQDruids and posted it over at EQBeastlord several months ago. Not even sure how accurate it is at this point but from my observations, it's probably pretty close.

For those interested, ZEM listing:

East Commons-75
East Freeport-75
East Karana-75
Gorge of King Xorbb-75
Gukta- Outpost of Marr-100
High Keep-150
Highpass Hold-80
Innothule Swamp-75
Kithikor Woods-75
Lake Rathe-75
Lavastorm Mountains-75
Lower Guk-80
Misty Thicket-75
Nagafen's Lair-80
Neriak- Commons-100
Neriak- Foreign Quarter-100
Neriak- Third Gate-100
North Freeport-100
North Karana-75
North Qeynos-75
North Ro-75
Oasis of Marr-75
Qeynos Hills-75
Rathe Mountains-75
Runny Eye-100
Solusek's Eye-130
South Karana-75
South Ro-75
Splitpaw Lair-90
Surefall Glade-100
Temple of Cazic Thule-85
The Feerrott-75
Upper Guk-150
West Commonlands-75
West Freeport-75
West Karana-75

Butcherblock Mountains-75
Castle Mistmoore-90
Dagnor's Cauldron-75
Greater Faydark-75
Kedge Keep-100
Lesser Faydark-75
Steamfront Mountains-75
Stonebrunt Mountains-75
The Estate of Unrest-130

Burning Woods-75
City of Mist-85
Emerald Jungle-75
Field of Bone-75
Fironia Vie-75
Frontier Mountains-75
Karnor's Castle-85
Kurn's Tower-150
Lake of Ill Omen-60
Skyfire Mountains-80
Swamp of No Hope-75
The Overthere-75
Trakanon's Teeth-75
Warsliks Woods-75

Crypt of Nadox-85
Dulak's Harbor-85
Hate's Fury-
The Gulf of Gunthak-85
Torgiran Mines-85

Acrylia Caverns-90
Akheva Ruins-85
Dawnshroud Peaks-75
Echo Caverns-80
Fungus Grove-75
Grieg's End-90
Griming Forest-80
Hollowshade Moor-75
Katta Castellum-85
Marus Seru-75
Mons Letalis-75
Netherbian Lair-80
Paludal Caverns-160
Sanctus Seru-85
Scarlet Desert-75
Shadow Haven-100
Shadweaver's Thicket-75
Shar Vhal-75
Ssraeshza Temple-100
Tenebrous Mountains-75
The Deep-85
The Grey-65
The Maiden's Eye-75
Twilight Sea-75
Umbral Plains-90

Kerra Isle-90
Stonebrunt Mountains-75
The Warrens-150
Toxxulia Forest-75

Plane of Innovation-119
Plane of Justice-119
Plane of Nightmare-119
Plane of Storms-119
Plane of Torment-
Plane of Valor-119
Ruins of Lxanvom-119

Cobalt Scar-75
Crystal Caverns-85
Dragon Necropolis-85
Eastern Wastes-75
Great Divide-75
Iceclad Ocean-75
Icewell Keep-85
Kael Drakkel-85
North Temple of Veeshan-
Siren's Grotto-85
Sleeper's Tomb-90
Tower of Frozen Shadow-85
Velketor's Labyrinth-85
Wakening Lands-75
Western Wastes-80
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Zone Experience Modifier Listing
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2004, 08:00:36 pm »
As has been clarified on the orginal post:

THe numbers above do not reflect the actual experience bonus or penalty of a zone  (although it's pretty easy to calculate using the numbers from the list).  Ie, Befallen which has a ZEM of 160 does not have a 160% bonus.  

On this list 75 is considered to be a normal zone with no xp modifier, above that and you get a bonus, below you get a penalty.
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Zone Experience Modifier Listing
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2004, 08:34:57 pm »
Anyone have any information regarding the exp modifier in the old world planes?

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Zone Experience Modifier Listing
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2004, 07:50:33 pm »
Missing from Kunark are the Mines of Nurga and Temple of Droga, which offer better exp than Veksar (which is listed as 100, for a point of reference).

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Zone Experience Modifier Listing
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2004, 11:52:43 pm »
A little search with Google can work wonders.  Way back, I saw that post on eqdruids as well.  Every once in a while I repeat my search; the ShowEQ message boards sometimes post up a list.  By merging some info from there (which was also the source of the post lifted from eqdruids), I got some additional ZEMs, which I keep in this spot:

This gives Nurga/Droga as 89, and all original planes as 75.

I have no idea if those ZEMs are actually correct.  The devs do seem to revise ZEMs frequently, and I don't know how old those figures really are.  Just remember that exp is a function of your kill rate as well as the ZEM and mob levels, and you can sometimes get good experience from a zone with a poor ZEM: both LOIO and the Grey, the two lowest ZEM zones, can give good exp in the right circumstances, simply because of kill rates.