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Server Problems
« on: November 27, 2006, 07:40:32 PM »
For the last week or more as many of you have noticed, the forums & website have not been working right. First it was database problems, then a blank page or errors were all that the site was giving.

Basically, the website & forums are integrated so if the database goes down, the site gives some strange errors as well. I hadn't written an error routine because generally, a webhosting provider's database server doesn't go down unless the whole thing does. I will be writing that routine shortly.

Regarding the blank page on the forums and errors on the front page, the forums directory has somehow been stripped of all of its permissions and up til this point, not even the provider has been able to access the files and make them usable again.So, the temporary solution is that they've moved my files to a directory called forum, rather than forums. Minor change but in reality, all links to the site are currently invalid (search engines, other sites linking directly to forums, etc) and all bookmarks are invalid as well. Obviously, this won't do for a long term thing so I'm looking into all ways of fixing this problem at the current time.
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