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Siren's Grotto - down in the well

Started by Haggatha, April 12, 2007, 01:00:39 PM

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How's the AA xp at 70 down in the Siren palace of Siren's Grotto?

Lots of light blue mobs, high xp bonus, stuff from SG tends to tribute well, and a fair amount of gem drops. Seems like it should be a winner.


It's ok money from gem drops and the possibility of getting the belt from Fellspine but the AA exp is gonna be only so so.  There are a lot of green and lb mobs there and with no exp bonus like GE the experience per mob is less.  Also its a water zone and you cant get past anything with see invis while inside the water so moving around is a pain in the ass.  Also unless you have a gate potion or OT Hammer or AA that lets you gate the only way to get back to PoK is through Sky Shrine so you better have Claws of Veeshan faction.


You can always camp there and return home later.


Quote from: Tardar on April 12, 2007, 09:23:55 PM
You can always camp there and return home later.

Just have to make sure you don't enter the game without hitting "Go Home" button.  I personally have wanted to "Go Home" a few times and forgot to do it.  I have Origin and Throne of Heros so it isn't that big a deal, but it can be annoying.
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I'm going to try this this weekend - I'm not talking about the "upstairs" of Siren's. Most folks forget that Siren's is actually a decent sized zone, once you swim down the well. Thats where the mobs are light blue (old blue cons, so still okay xp), and sirens, not the horses.

I've hunted up top, and at 70, your right, its weak. I still do it on occassion for tribute items, and deepwater Ink for a guildie shaman though.