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Furryclaws Strongpaws : Journey of the Beast
« on: May 04, 2007, 12:06:15 AM »
Furryclaws Strongpaws: Journey of the Beast

   Standing up on his two feet, he stands towering over most human men. His features human like but his face was that of a jaguar. Black fur lined all his features, with darker spots aligned on his legs and arms. His hands, empty, curling up to make a pair of bulldozing fists, which stood at his sides, ready for combat.
   Furryclaws is his name, speaker to the wild and protector of animal spirits. He stands face to face with a pair of bandits on the grasslands of Western Karana.
   He is never alone… his tiger warder, in a defensive position, lurking near him, ready to attack at the first call.
   The air is moist, only several hours have past sense the last rain, which often occurs in the Karanas. The bandits whisper to each other, telling themselves that this cat-like humanoid might be an easy take. One of the bandits pulls out a silver bladed dagger, which has a fine, long blade, almost the size of a short sword. The bandit tucks the dagger near his side and smiles, evilly.
   The other bandit put his right hand upon his bronze long sword and his right hand upon a tiny dagger, attached to his left hip.
   Furryclaws, standing still and un-manacling, focused on the bandits, while he tried to understand their intentions.
   “Give us your gold!” One of the bandits says, in a rude fashion, and with his hand on his long dagger. “Or we kill you and rob your corpse.”
   With no answer from the cat man, the bandits inspected this silent character further. They can see his chiseled muscular structure and his long feline tail. They can see his leather armor and they searched for any weaknesses in it. They definitely saw Furryclaws’s crouching warder, and could hear it growl at them.
   What they didn’t see though…
   Was the overwhelming speed in which the beastlord and his warder attacked. Claws and teeth showing their presence, punches hitting like jack hammers. The first bandit, who wielded only the long dagger, was knocked unconscious almost immediately. The second bandit took one swipe with his long sword, trying to score a hit on the leaping warder, but he missed by at least two feet, and dropped his sword on the ground, (it was stolen anyway!) and took flight through the grassland.
   Furryclaws always hated chasing something that was running away, that he would eventually have to kill. It felt too much like senseless murder, because they in which he chased, was not fighting back.
   Furryclaws often battled thoughts like these. Torn by his conscience to fight for justice but also influenced as well by the hunter instinct in his being.
   After a short minute of contemplation, Furryclaws came to the decision that ridding the world of Norrath from a maniacal villain such as a bandit, would save many more lives. So he motioned for his loyal warder to begin chase, and they followed in the steps of the fleeing bandit.
   It wasn’t hard for Furryclaws and his warder to catch up to the fleeing (and tiring) bandit. Blessed with the spirit of wolf, the beastlord and warder caught up within minutes.
   The bandit, whom still had equipped on his left hip a tiny dagger, drew it out, knowing the beastlord was nearly upon him.
   Sweat rolled down the bandit’s face  as he began to see the outline of the beastlord coming into his view. The bandit was still gasping for air when Furryclaws and his warder surrounded him
   Trying to keep himself calm, the bandit let out a barking laugh, mainly for his own comfort, and pulled out his tiny dagger.
   So many thoughts came into Furryclaw’s mind at that moment. So many hesitations weighing in on his actions, delaying his task that he had discreetly set out to do. He questioned his strength, as well as his will as a hunter. Furryclaws didn’t like killing, but in the world of Norrath, killing was supreme and you killed to survive.
   The bandit, who began to take the beastlord’s hesitation as a weakness, threw the tiny dagger, (which he was very skilled at doing) straight down at Furryclaws’s warder.
   The dagger, whistling perfectly, (it was also was aimed perfectly), sailed through the air and struck, and penetrated into the side of the tiger warder. It sunk in very close to the ribs, crippling the young warder… but the bandit sealed his fate with that throw.
   On pure instinctual reaction to the event, the muscular beastlord jumped the ten feet it took to reach the bandit and raked his sleek and sharp claws deep into the bandit’s chest.
   The bandit tried to get away from the intense pain and pulling, mutilating his chest, but he could hardly move his legs, which were falling under the sheer weight of Furryclaws’s body.
   Furryclaws was so angry. He pulled his hands apart, almost tearing the bandit’s chest in two.
   Furryclaws was very protective over all animals, but most especially his warder.
   The bandit, almost passing out from the pain, let out a great cry.
   So angered Furryclaws was, he began to headbutt the bandit, over and over, until the body in his hands became cold from death.
   Tears formed in Furryclaws misty green eyes. He gently dropped the body to leafy ground, and looked up into the sky, which started to become dark and stormy, and stood for just a moment. Though Furryclaws was an agnostic, believing in none of the Narrathian Gods, or in Furry’s case, too confused to make a choice. Something told him that he did the right thing. That he acted in a valiant way, protecting his warder’s life, and sparing the world from a villain, whom had killed many and stolen many times before.
   Furryclaws felt a sense of reassurance, and reacted stoically. He kept his gaze to the stormy clouds until a familiar growl sent him back to reality.
   Furryclaws ran over to his warder’s side and plucked the dagger from it’s side. After tossing the tiny dagger away he began to chant to the spirits of Norrath, to send heals to his loyal warder’s body. After many minutes the healing was done. Furryclaws gave his warder a big hug and ran his fingers down his warder’s back, scratching just before the tail, his warder’s favorite spot.
   Furryclaws pulled his cloak over his head tight as the rain began to fall abundantly. He now headed for Qeynos Hills, on his way to visit another dear friend in Halas. Kymac MacMohen was his name, a barbarian beastlord, many years wiser yet still than Furryclaws, but a friend none the less. 

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Re: Furryclaws Strongpaws : Journey of the Beast
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   The beastlord bent over and plucked up some wet mushrooms from the damp soil. After tossing one down to his hungry warder, he put the other in his mouth and chewed it slowly, trying to make them last.
   The trees around the beastlord and warder began to look smaller as the two made their way into Qeynos Hills and out of the thicker forests of Western Karana. The ground soon became more dry and sandy, and the sun descended past the trees, bringing darkness to the land.
   Furryclaws, lost in thought, stopped walking suddenly and crouched down upon his warder, and wrapped his matted furry arms around his warder’s burley shoulders. His gaze fell quickly to the wound the warder wore on it’s side. The wound was healed already, but Furryclaws could still see a small patch of missing fur. The healing spell could not replace hair when it healed the skin. Making the cat-like Vah-Shir look often times like a hairless cat after very long battles. To the Vah-Shir’s favor though, the hair grows back very quickly, so by the next day, Furryclaw’s warder will have grown back his (yes his) patch of fur back to it’s entirety.
   Furryclaws took a deep breath and relaxed and ran his hands down the wet fur on his warder’s coat.
   “The next time it rains,” Furryclaws stated with a smile after looking at the dirt on his hands, after petting his warder. “You get a bath, hehe!”
   The warder let out a soft growl, as if agreeing with Furryclaws and moved into better position to be petted.


   The sun began to fully set and the darkness of night cast it’s shadow upon the land. Creatures of the night began to emerge and the guards of Qeynos began their nightly switch, relieving the day guards.
   “Keep your lanterns bright men!” exclaimed the captain guard. “Question anyone you see walking around this night! Arrest them if they resist!”
   When the captain finished he pulled out a bottle of ale from his bag, which was tied around his waist, and threw his head back and gulped it down until it was gone. A few seconds later he pulled out another bottle of ale, this one larger than the first, and took another big swig, then stumbled to his horse.
   Giggles erupted from the remaining guards, though this was not an unusual sight.
   “Remember men!” The captain reminded as he pulled himself on to his steed. “Question everyone!”
   The captain took another big swig of ale then rode down a path leading back to North Qeynos.
   The guards of Qeynos waited until they could no longer see their drunken captain, then they broke out some ale of their own, which was hidden in the guard’s tower. The guards began to converse while they drank.
   “There never is anyone to arrest,” complained one stout guard, with a glass of ale in his hand. “So why should we try?”
   “Aye, no one comes out at night. We never have anything to do.” agreed another hardly sober guard.
   “Shut yer yaps and pass me another bottle!” demanded the third guard, who had barley finished the one in his hand.
   The three guards laughed and sang, thinking that this night was like all the others…boring.


   Furryclaws and his warder made their way across the border separating Western Karana from Qeynos Hills by night fall. They then walked down a path that would eventually lead them to a certain guard’s tower.
   “They will know the way to Black Burrow.” Furryclaws assured himself, meaning to ask the guards for directions.
   Furryclaws then called his warder by name.
“Jake!” and he waited for Jake’s eyes to meet his.
“I think it would be best if I met the guards alone,” Furryclaws began in a low tone. “I don’t think they would understand you as my pet, and they might try to hurt you.”
   Furryclaws extended his hand down and scratched Jake under the chin. To his comfort, he heard Jake purring, obviously content with the situation.
   “I’ll be back soon.” Furryclaws assured his warder and he then headed toward the guard’s tower. 

   “HaHaahaaha!!” The guards laughed at a joke told by the obviously drunk third guard.
   “Teld us anotter one!” hollered the first stout guard, whom was drunk as well.

   “Me will tell-“ the third guard started to reply.

   “Shhhh… someone is coming.” Whispered the second, and he chucked his bottle into the guard tower.
   Furryclaws walked up into range to be seen by the lanterns hung up high on the tower walls. He then crossed his arms, as if to signal that he is not a threat.
   “Hey!” the third guard shouted. “What is a Vah-Shir doing here in Qeynos?”

   Hearing the comment from the guard, Furryclaws decided to say hello and be done with asking for directions quickly.
   “Hello, I’m Furry-“
   “Shut yer mouth kitty” interrupted the third guard. “We will do the talking, yous justed be quited.”
   The second guard went into the guards tower, while the first and third guard pulled out their swords and surrounded the Vah-Shir.
   Furryclaws didn’t like the situation, but he still felt bad about the bandits in the Karanas, even though one survived.
   Instead of violence, Furryclaws decided to follow the guard’s procedures and rules and he didn’t bring up his hands to fight.
   A few seconds later the second guard came out of the tower with rope in his hands but liquor on his breath and ran over to Furryclaws and bound his hands.
   “If youa make ones move ye stinkin cat!” The third guard pressed.

   “I can handle dis my friend.” The second guard shot back, trying to annunciate all his words.
   “Bah!” the third guard replied.
   “You are coming with us to North Qeynos, where you will be searched for any stolen or dangerous objects or weapons.” The second guard declared. “but first…state your business here in Qeynos Hills, especially so late in the hour.”

   “I’ve come for directions to Blackburrow.” Furryclaws calmly stated.

   “LIAR!!” shouted the third guard, “They all say dat!!”

   “Please Danrick!” shouted the second guard, calling out the third guard by name. “Let ME handle this!”

   “Bah! Yer gonna let him go!” complained the third guard. “Like you do all de time!”

   “I will do as I’m told by our captain!” the second guard shot back.
   Trying to stay out of conflict the first guard started walking the path and stated that he would lead them.
   Furryclaws didn’t want to have to go all the way to Qeynos, the delay would waste time, as his friend sounded urgent in his request for the beastlord in Halas. He had to think up something fast, something that would make the guards not want to go to their home city.
   Furryclaws could easily smell the liquor on the breath of the guards, especially on the third guard. Boldly Furryclaws made his statement.
   “Are guards supposed to drink on the job?” Furryclaws let it ease out of his mouth very so slightly.
   All three guards stopped walking immediately. They knew their mistake.
   “Damn it!” squealed the third guard, who was wanting to put the Vah-Shir in jail.

   “I see you have out smarted us sir Vah-Shir…” the second guard reacted. “We surely cannot bring you to the council with alcohol on our breath.” As he finished his statement he took out his sword and held it up into the air, aiming the edge right at Furryclaws.
   “Hold out your hands!” declared the second guard.
   “Noo!” The third guard interjected. “He is mine!”
   “Hurry!” said the second guard. He then cast the blade down cutting the rope that bound Furryclaws’s hands.
   The third guard took out his weapon and advanced on Furryclaws. He never got close though as he fell over, his lack of balance was too much in his drunken state.
   “Black Burrow is that way!” the second guard stated, and he pointed down a role of mountains. “You will see a giant gnoll head at the cave entrance, go quickly!”
   Furryclaws gave a low bow and started off down the way, after only a few steps he found his warder, who had been following them the whole time.
   “I’m back!” Furryclaws exclaimed!
   Jake responded with a deep growl, one of love, loyalty, and friendship.
   The two were headed to Black Burrow, then to the mighty Everfrost Peaks, then finally to Halas, where Kymac MacMohen awaits with shocking news about the world of Norrath. 

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Re: Furryclaws Strongpaws : Journey of the Beast
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                                  Snowy Confessions

   Furryclaws and Jake entered the cave to BlackBurrow quietly. Slowly they made their way in unnoticed. For Furryclaws it was easy, he was after all a Vah Shir, a slender, cat like people who knew how to sneak very well. No invisibility spell was needed here.
   Growls could be heard from within BlackBurrow. Gnolls were stationed nearly everywhere, so sneaking was a bit difficult but manageable.
   Jake wandered his own path, also unseen, for he remembered that gnolls, whom were dog like, hated tigers and attacked them no matter the consequence.
   Furryclaws always liked the beauty of the dungeon. It had an opening to the sky, which was still dark over head, with a beautiful view of Luclin, Furryclaws’s home land. The dungeon was tranquil, if you tuned out the ever growling gnolls, for it had a water fall that ran all the way down to the bottom of the dungeon. Furryclaws made his way past the patrolling gnoll and into a cave section that lead to Everfrost Peaks.
   Furryclaws looked around, searching for a hint of orange and black, the color of Jake. Not seeing any he then turned around, facing back to the cave opening. All he saw were three gnolls, one with a rusty spear in one hand, and the others, which were weaponless. Finally Furryclaws turned back and there Jake was, swimming in the stream that led to the water fall.
   “Sheesh, you wait till now to take a bath?” Furryclaws whispered sarcastically.
Furryclaws , wanted to call his warder by name, but that would attract unwanted attention. Furryclaws took out his spell book from his belt pouch and memorized his summon companion spell, highly one of his favorite spells.
Silently Furryclaws said the spells name, at least as silently as he could, and be hold, energy began to rise from his hands.
Jake swam silently, enjoying the chilly water as it passed by him and he searched for any lone fish to tackle. When all of a sudden, a stream of energy balls encircled him and a bright light flashed, and the next thing he knew, he was soaking wet and standing right next to his companion, Furry.
Jake let out a hiss of displeasure, but he wasn’t too mad.
Furryclaws began to say something but barking could be heard from all over. The gnolls, began to gather around the two cat-like intruders, and they began to show their teeth while growling and snarling.
Furryclaws could easily take down at least thirty three gnolls himself and his warder the same, but he had hoped to go by unnoticed.
“Oh well!” Furryclaws exclaimed, and his shoulders shrugged. Then out came his fists, which were all he needed here.
Jake understood the call and he jumped out and clawed two little gnoll pups to get himself started. He was being hit with rusty weapons, but he hardly felt them, Jake was twice or more the size of any gnoll present, with at least three times the strength. In the span of three minutes, Jake had slain twenty gnolls, and even though more were coming from deeper down in the dungeon, Jake never cared a bit.
Furryclaws began on the defensive, as most of the gnolls went for him, especially the ones with weapons, but Furryclaws blocked and dodged better than the best, only letting few shots hit him directly. His offense was mainly counters on attacks on him. But soon that changed, as he began to get a feel for the fight. Letting his fists do the talking, he was slaying around twenty two gnolls about every two minutes.
Soon the minutes began to drag on and more and more gnolls kept coming out from beneath the dungeon. Jake was starting to feel the pain, but Furryclaws kept him healed up really well. Furryclaws was still performing amazingly, not slowing down a bit.
The gnolls were being totally depleted, and they didn’t have the force to compare to the beastlord and warder. The gnoll guardsman were hardly getting any hits in on the swift animist and the commanders were too few in numbers to fully help out and tire out this savage combo.
Gnoll bodies were everywhere and were starting to limit the space Furryclaws had to dodge around with. Furryclaws was thinking that they had killed them all, and he began to slow down his body. Until, four elite gnolls, whom were very large compared to their brethren, stepped up from the rising piles of corpses.
Barking was coming, and one of them said. “You have ruined your own lands, you will not ruin mine!”
“Ruined my own lands?” Furryclaws thought, “Have you even been to Luclin?”
The four elite guards attacked all together. Jake leaped up and pounced on one of them and bit down hard on it’s neck. The other three came in quickly on Furryclaws. Furryclaws had a little trick to play, and he cast flash of light on one of them, blinded it and it turned and ran. The other two came in quickly, Furryclaws held up his arms and got ready to block. The two elite gnolls hit with all they had, and to their credit, they hit the hardest of any gnoll Furryclaws had faced that day. But, also to their discredit, it still wasn’t enough. Furryclaws unleashed his fury out on them and they were slain quickly. Jake finished slaying the one he had, and the one that was blinded, got his sight back in time in witness his friends’ death. The now lone elite gave out a howl. Almost immediately, every gnoll began to file back in deep back into the dungeon. The only living things on the top floor of the dungeon were Furryclaws and Jake. After looting the many, many corpses they found the passage that led to Everfrost Peaks and left quietly, well after of course a celebration hug after a job well done!
 They followed the twisting and dark cave passage way leading down to the snowy fields of Everfrost quickly. They spotted a few gnolls along the way, but were sneaky enough to go unnoticed.
The passage through the snow was very uneventful, slow, and of course cold! They followed the ways around the high peaks and valley ways as Furryclaws was shown the first time he came here.
Furryclaws, growing tired, decided to make camp and gain rest. He waited for the winds to die down a bit, then he pitched a tent for him and Jake. They slept for hours, partially warm in the thick bear skin blankets they carried.
When they awoke it was daylight, but the winds had died down some. They didn’t even stop for breakfast, they just packed up and headed back down the valley.
Soon Furryclaws led the way unto a fire place with two very stout barbarian guardsmen, wielding big claymores with one arm. They were standing at the bottom of a large ramp, which led to the pathway to Halas. Furryclaws knew these guardsman some what, not by name but he recognized there faces.
“Hail!” Furryclaws shouted, with a smile on his face and a hand in the air.
“Hail, Furry!” Both guardsmen shouted back together. “We have been expecting you!”
“I am here, it’s been a journey.” Furryclaws replied as he walked up the ramp. “I am here seeking Kyma—“
“Yes we know my friend, Kymac MacMohen is expecting you!” said one of the guardsmen. “Hurry to him, he dearly wishes you present!”
“Present?” Furryclaws whispered to himself as he reached the top of the ramp.
   Furryclaws made his way past the merchant barbarian ladies and he walked down the frosty corridor to Halas.
   As Furryclaws made his way around the tunnel he came to a bed of water, with a boat docked. Furryclaws looked down to where Jake was standing, whom passed by the guards unnoticed.
   “Well, I know your not using the boat!” Furryclaws teased.
   Jake then jumped and plunged into the water, and Furryclaws shortly followed and they both swam up to the next dock and surprised the barbarian crowed as they dried off with a frenzied shake.
   The city of Halas wasn’t spectacular looking, but it was easily defendable and pretty simple. The right pathway led directly to the merchants, black smiths and pubs. The left pathway led to the bank, then the lonely priest of discord. It then leads to homes and shaman and beastlord guides.
   Furryclaws took the left pathway, and walked it until he found Kymac’s house. Furryclaws dusted the snow off his shoulders and gave Jake a pet, then proceeded to knock on the wooden door that led into Kymac’s den. *Knock* Knock* Knock*
   “Who is it?” spoke a shivering voice, sounding sick.
     “It is Furryclaws Strongpaws, Vah Shir beastlord, whom seeks the great Kymac MacMohen!” Furryclaws spoke proudly.
   “Furry my dear friend!” Kymac shouted, but still he sounded very weak. “Please come in!”
   Furryclaws opened the door, only to see his great friend and mentor, laying down on a bed soaked with blood, and a stench of urine in the air.
   “KYMAC!!” Furryclaws shouted at the first sight of it all. “What happened to you my friend?”
   Kymac held his hand up in the air to hush Furryclaws. He pointed to a chair and his expression told Furryclaws to sit down. Out of pure respect for the barbarian he did just that.
   “I am dying Furry,” Kymac started, “I am sick and old, and I don’t have much time.
   Furryclaws began to shed tears, for Kymac was like a brother to Furryclaws after all, a mentor, and friend.
   Kymac sat up, as much as it hurt him, and used is staff to slam the door shut.
   “Now listen here Furry,” Kymac whispered aloud. “I need you to take this stone to weapon master Rahoul is Shar Vahl. He will tell you where to go from there, I am too old now and my time is up!”
   “What is this for?” Furryclaws whimpered as he took the stone from Kymac.
   “It is perfect acrylia ore my friend.” Kymac explained. “It will be used to make one of the greatest weapons a beastlord can wield.”
   Kymac stood up high, using his staff to stay up right. Furryclaws stood up as well.
   “Life begins and it ends Furryclaws…” Kymac explained as he re opened the door, and motioned Furry to follow, Jake did as well. “I will be gone soon, but I need a favor from you.”
   Furryclaws followed silently and listened.
   “A great evil is here on Norrath, something more powerful than anything you can ever imagine. All races and classes will team up together and fight this evil, for the right to exist on Norrath.” Kymac said and then smiled. “Furryclaws, I need you to lead them! I am too old and I will not be around forever. Will you lead the beastlords of this world for me friend? Please my friend?”
   Furryclaws felt the pain of the news, both of the near death of his friend and the extreme evil he will soon face. There was no doubt whether he would help him friend out, there is only the pain and grief of accepting that Kymac will die.
   “Yes I will.” Furryclaws whimpered, then he went into a total sob and cried in his hands for hours, even after Kymac took him back into his house.
   Soon it became dusk, and Kymac laid back down on his bed, fading fast he was when he saw Furryclaws come over.
   “I will not fail my friend, I will lead the beastlords and deliver the ore as you request. I will miss you my friend.” As Furryclaws finished his statement he put his hand on Kymac’s head, where it stayed until Kymac passed.
   Furryclaws cried for sometime, then he buried his friend in the Halas graveyard and had the blacksmith create the biggest tombstone ever built in Halas, which stands tall and strong still today.
   Furryclaws couldn’t stay long in Halas, he couldn’t take all the memories. He packed up everything he needed and hit pathways of snow, with Jake by his side.    
   They headed back to luclin, to break the news of Kymac’s death to the Vah Shir beastlords, and the news of the great evil on Norrath.

   My journey is never ending. Just when I have a handle on things something throws me off. I have news of tremendous evil coming to Norrath. I wonder who else knows besides me. I will never forget Kymac, whom helped me be the best I could be. I will visit every beastlords guild starting with the Shar Vahl one. I will become the journeymen of the beastlord class, and I will spread all that I can, urging them to fight on my side. I am to become a great leader of my people. Will I bring us to victory? Or will I fail? I will not fail!!!

                                                   --Furryclaws Strongpaws

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Re: Furryclaws Strongpaws : Journey of the Beast
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Does anybody like the way the story is going?