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Rashere wrote:

By pure coincidence, we were looking at the push code today and it does appear that spells will impart push.  The push occurs when an NPC is hit and it doesn't seem to care by what.  So, it looks like a spell will impart the same push as a single hit from a melee attack.  It's a lot less than what you'll get with a melee character opening up on the NPC since spells land a lot less frequently than melee attacks, but it looks like it does occur.

Posted 6-22-07
Rashere wrote:

It's funny that you ask that...because we were just looking at it and its not only true, but the key to a short term fix to push.  The amount of push imparted on a hit is based on the skill that was used in the attack that hit the NPC.  Some attack types do more than others.

The short term fix, which we just did and it might actually make the patch next week, was to cut all those values in half.

This also led to the answer to the spell question.  Where skills get their force from the define for the skill type, spells get their force from the spell define of their knockback force.  If the spell has no knockback force, then the push force is 0 so it shouldn't cause any push.

Procs are just spells, so don't add any additional push beyond that imparted by the weapon hit itself.

Rashere, wrapping up the play-by-play of "Devs digging into old code

It's funny how this goes: Players say there is a problem, Devs say "nope", players say " yes there is", devs dig into the code and go "oops, you're right".

Do they think we're making this stuff up?

Do they think we're not playing round the clock (at least collectively)?

As a live code game like this with constant user interaction, I would think there would be more of an attitude of continual UAT testing on the part of the devs, whereby they just acknowledge the fact that if their code contains any flaws, or if there is unintented logic occuring, WE WILL FIND IT.

Never admit there is a flaw in your code is the 2nd rule of programming.

!st rule is always blame it on the hardware......

Holy thread rez batman!


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