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Beastlord Class Correspondent APP up!!!!!

Started by Humlaine, July 20, 2007, 06:54:21 PM

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It's a volunteer appointment by SoE.  It is what it is.

Having it be a voted position would be equally potentially worthless.  If they do a poll/vote on a message board, you'll have a very skewed miniscule subset of the Beastlord community voting on it - heavy majority high end raiders.  If they do a vote through the game somehow, you'll have a bunch of people voting on people based upon nothing - nobody will know who virtually anybody on the list is.

I never liked the appointment method before, but it's their game, their correspondent.  It's not like the person has any 'authority' at all - they're just a messenger.  They're looking for somebody sensible and intelligent - something different than looked for by many in the community (look at politics!).

I just hope they're an anal parsing mad(wo)man!



My only request is don't forget that there are some of us that are not at the high end content of the game, yet we still have some good ideas, so please don't discount them because our guild is not raiding Solteris.

I will admit that I read these threads every damn day - and yeah I agree with some of what the ideas are because they apply to really is geared to those of you who are in the end game stuff....I am not in a hardcore raiding guild, nor do I want to be. I just saw Anguish for the first time about a month ago - and that was HUGE for me...

When I feel strongly about something I will give ya my two cents worth - as I am doing now.  Just don't forget the little guys...and gals...

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Whoever gets it should realise its a community role, and not thier own personal star vehicle. They also need the time to do the job properly.


Quote from: jitathab on July 24, 2007, 12:43:19 PM
Whoever gets it should realise its a community role, and not thier own personal star vehicle. They also need the time to do the job properly.

I can't think of a single CC that acts like it's their 'star vehicle' /shrug...there's not enough influence from the role that it really attracts the power hungry fools.  Heck, there's very little extra one can achieve through the position that others can't - you get access to a different section of the forums.  That's it.

Anybody can have just about the same influence as the CCs - it just takes clear/concise/reasonable communication with the developers (through PMs, msg boards, or direct communication in Beta testing).  Look at the monk community - they essentially have 3 CCs - Azathool (the official), Wycca, and Nedrom.


think of it as like the prime minister of the UK / queen, its more a figure head then it is a huge influence on the dev's / community itself


apps are closed as of today, should be a announcement this week I Would hope. I just hope she makes a good choice with who ever she picks


She mentioned it would be up today at 11am, but I haven't seen announcements.  I've been following this closely as we really need a correspondent again.


its been almost 4 hours since she was supposed to post who the new CC would be, Time to start Pming her I guess

recoil silverclaws

Or give her a day to go over all the people that sent in PM's.

Spamming her with more pm's isent going to help or rush the choice we have waited this long, she is working on it.

And this is sony did anyone really expect it to be on time lol.
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