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Lvl 80 class title suggestions....

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....post here.

Let's try to get ahead on this so we don't end up w/ the same clustersmurf like in TSS beta.


Beastmaster seems too close to Beastlord for my liking. This was a topic for the TSS thread, and I'm glad Khauruk brought this up now.

(75 Title Thread in case you're interested.)

I riped this from the previous threads " Frostblood ", I still like this title and Idea, I will bring it up in CC chat, maybe we can push this through or possibly I Can talk to a dev about it

I don't like Arch Animist as we have it now at lvl 75 because it sounds alot like we're part mage, when we aren't, even if we do summon pets, its not the same thing....

Frostblood....eh...so-so to my liking..
Beastmaster - that sounds bad ass lol..
Feralclaw - not too bad..
Wildblood - still an old favorite...

these I came up with...

Savage Beast - lol that sounds kinda neat
Savage Heart - ooooo sounds emotional LOL...


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