Author Topic: Weekly Feedback Sept 4th, 2007  (Read 8066 times)

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Re: Weekly Feedback Sept 4th, 2007
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2007, 02:36:09 PM »
From what I understand that was Tastian's problem, little to no feedback from the devs.
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Re: Weekly Feedback Sept 4th, 2007
« Reply #16 on: October 02, 2007, 03:46:59 AM »
I didnt throw this idea away, its just been sort of a rough month for me in terms or RL  :-(

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Re: Weekly Feedback Sept 4th, 2007
« Reply #17 on: October 20, 2007, 10:25:50 PM »

Issue 1 Progression quests - As server number dwindle it gets harder and harder to find folks willing and able to take on these quest and faction grinds. So i suggest solo content that maybe longer and more drawn out but allows a person to work toward progression on their own


Issue 1 Class Armor - Our armors seem to be dropping End, focuses, skill mods, effects and clickies from latest sets. Its a trend that seems more progressive as our newers expansions come out. For example lets compare bsts arms:

Savagesoul Sleeves of the Wild - BST
AC 34 STR 40 DEX 40 STA 20 WIS 20 HP 305 MANA 285 svFire 25 svDisease 35 svCold 25 svPoison 25 spell sheild 6% avoidance 20 dot sheilding 4% attack 30

Comments: No focus, no effects, just pure stats ok that does good if we were pure melee.

Forgotten Artist's Mesh Sleeves - MNK, DRU, BST
AC 37 STR 40 STA 30 WIS 30 AGI 25 HP 335 MANA 335 END 335 svFire 25 svDisease 25 svCold 15 svMagic 25 svPoison 25 sheilding 1% Avoidance 25 Accuracy 20 Attack 30 HP regen 4 MANA regen 4

Comments: Gains - AC 4 STA 10 WIS 10 AGI 25 HP 30 Mana 50 END 335 svMagic 25 Sheilding 1% Avoidance 5 Accuracy 20 HP regen 4 Mana regen 4
                 Losses- Dex 40 svDisease 10 svCold 10 Spell sheild 6% dot sheild 4%
                 Again no focuses, no effects, pure stats, and loss of much needed spell and dot sheilding

T'Pal's Leather Armguards - MNK, DRU, BST
AC 39 STR 20 DEX 20 STA 25 WIS 20 INT 20 AGI 35 HP 370 MANA 370 END 370 svFire 20 svDisease 20 svCold 15 svMagic 35 svPoison 20 Spell sheild 5% Stun Resist 5% Strikethough 5% Attack 20 HP regen 4 MANA regen 2 Focus: Wurine Preservation (decrease mana cost 20% vl 72 Benefitial only)

Comments: Gains - AC 2 DEX 20 INT 20 AGI 10 HP 35 HP 35 END 35 svMagic 10 Spell sheild 5% Stun resist 5% Strikethough 5% focus: Wurine Preservation
                 Losses - STR 20 STA 5 WIS 10 svFire 5 svDisease 5 svPoison 5 sheilding 1% Avoidance 25 Accuracy 20 Attack 10 Mana regen 2
                 Finally see a semi useful focus, still no effects, spell sheilding is back along with some other rare much needed mods, can't figure why they needed to cut back on Mana regen but oh well

Venesh's Wildcry Armwraps - BST
AC 41 DEX 20 STA 30 CHA 35 WIS 30 AGI 35 HP 460 MANA 460 svFire 25 svCold 35 svMagic 35 sv Poison 30 Combate effect 5 Stun resist 5% Dot sheilding 3% attack 35 Focus: Servitor of Scale

Comments: Gains: AC 2 STA 5 CHA 35 WIS 10 HP 90 MANA 90 svFire 5 svCold 20 svPoison 10 Combat effects 5 Dot sheilding 3% attack 15 Focus: Servitor of Scale
                 Losses - STR 20 INT 20 END 370 svDisease 20 Spells sheild 5% strikethought 5% HP regen 4 Mana Regen 2 Focus: Wurine Preservation
                 Alright heres the oddity when it comes to our Armor progression. You lose substantial amount of stats for meager gains in hps/mana. I'm kind of on the fence when it concerns our pet focus on our armor sets. On one hand its on an item that gets replaced regularly and on the other hand if it wasn't on our armor sets we would have to compete with other pet classes for it. The mods on this are kind of strange you give up 5% spell sheild for a 3% dot sheilding and 5% strikethough for 5 combate effects plus eliminate yer hp/mana regen totally. Still no effects.

Feral Energeiac Leather Armwraps-BST

AC: 49 STR 34 DEX 34 STA 34 CHA 34 WIS 34 INT 34 AGI 34 HP 550 MANA 550 svFire 35 svDisease 35 svCold 35 svMagic 35 svPoison 35 Combat Effects: 13 Spell Shield: 2% Avoidance: 20 Accuracy: 10 DoT Shielding: 2% Attack: 45 Regeneration: 5 Damage Shield: 3 Effect: Cleave VII

Comments: Gains - AC 8 STR 34 DEX 14 STA 4 WIS 4 INT 34 HP 90 MANA 90 svFire 10 svDisease 35 svPoison 5 Combat Effects 8 Spell Sheild 2% Avoidance 20 Accuracy 10 Attack 15 HP Regen 5 effect Cleave VII
                 Losses - Dot Sheilding 1% Focus: Servitor of Scale
                 Whoa what do we have here is because of the ugly loss of stats, mods, etc when you get to Solteris its a huge gain back. Powersources boost these stats even further making the gain even more substantial. We finally see an effect on this item but we lose our focus.

Conclusion: As you can see a fairly smooth progression of armor till TSS. I could have done the amor sets as a whole but i believe sitting down and taking a hard look at them individually as any raider would when planning upgrade paths. This only took me 30 mins to do on my own and i have to ask why Sony fails/refuses to do the same. I also believe we should have both focus and effects on our armor at the same time since we are both caster and melee in one.


Issue 1 Pet Runes - Splitting these spells lines made future improvements to these fairly useless. My argument is that it deceases pet survivability by making you choose wether a pet gets eaten up by either AoE rampage or Spells mobs throw off. These spells fade alot more quickly than feral guard does on events with multiple spells. Feral guard was one of the most useful spells to help bst keep their pets alive during raid events. These spells fade alot more quickly than feral guard does on events with multiple spells.

Issue 2 Slows and Incapacitate - Would like to see an improvement like other slower classes do but its not a real high priority for me.

Issue 3 Beastlord suvivvability - I would like to suggest  a self only cure for corruption, disease and poison maybe somethign along the lines of a spell or LoH type. We haven't seen any upgrades for cures since LoY came out and that was 8 expansions ago going on 9.

Issue 4 Pet Focus, Survivability, etc. - I really think that all pet classes should have their pet spell in ranks and get rid of pet focuses altogether. This would kind of level the playing feild for casual, family and raiders alike plus free up a slot to put another needed focus in. As for pet suvivability i liked the idea of AAs for yet pet to take certian formations behind, along side, etc. Increase our pet dps as it stands our dots, DD, and swarm pets do more damage than our warder does currently sad to say.

Abilities and Attributes

Issue 1 Skills - We're finally getting double attack after how long of begging and pleading? Its a step in the right direction but it needs to be alot higher than it currently is. Alot of other classes have Parry i have to ask why doesn't bst class? We can block and dodge but we don't have the skill to parry a sword strike? Another thing is all we get for some extra damage is Kick to start out with? Can't beast jump up and throat rip a caster to keep him quiet for a short amount of time or high kick (not that far out there). I mean i'd like to see some variety in our skills not something that has to be added with AAs.

Issue 2 Tradeskills - I'd like to see some fairly inexpensive methods to get to 300 in all tradeskills. As it stands most of them will burn a hole it yer pocket or bore ya to tears with farming.

Alternate Abilities

Issue 1 Taste of Blood - One of the most useless aas i've seen yet. It doesn't stack with disc, too short, never goes off, and about as useful as our Innate (str, sta, dex, etc).

Issue 2 Pet slow/snare - Would like to see slows for our pets a little less resistant and be able to stack with our other normal pet procs like our snare.

Issure 3 Bst specific and advanced AAs - I'd like to see more bst specific aas not just rehash of the old ones. Maybe some agro reducing aas or spell haste aas. I mean it would be nice for just something new for a change.

Issue 4 Paragon - I've seen this one over and over again as an issue so might as well beat a dead horse. I can't really see how increasing a 15 min reuse 2k hp/ 1.5 mana HoT to say a 6k hp/ 4.5 mana one would be so overpowering considering theres lifeshards 650 a tick @ 4 ticks, LoN potions (10k hp or 6 k mana), Distillate of Celestial Healing X 769 hp tick @ 5 ticks Cleric group HoT 900 hp tick @ 4 ticks, etc. I guarentee it you take into consideration their cast and recast times within a 15 min peroid it would be a buttload more than our current paragon heals.


Issue 1 Warders vs Familars - Can't zone with them or yet pet gets killed off, its bugged me to where i couldn't suspend/unsuspend a pet afterwards, and had one occation my pet attacked one (still can't figure how that one happened).