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tanking AA

Started by melikemilk, January 29, 2008, 03:15:15 AM

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Ok other then combat agility and combat stability what AA help you tank a mob better..
i have only about 16k hp and it seem most mobs that hit for about 1k and up just kick the poo out of me.. not sure why?  i have 18/23 agility and like 12/23 stability. what other AA's can i get to help me not go down so fast and tank  better..

and with 16k hp  and them two AA's what zone/mob do you think i should be able to tank with a druid healing.where im not just a mana hog..


Physical Enhancement is the only other thing I can think of off the top of my head. We're leather so we don't mitigate well.


I find that Lifetap procs X4 help along with keeping as much regen going as possible.
Its also good to get Dodge, Block  etc focus effects as high as possible.


off hand riposte aa's probably help some. I'm working on those now.
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You will get much more mileage out of the combat avoidance AAs than the mitigation ones. I maxxed out my CA before I even touched the CS AAs once past PoP, and a lot of BSTs that I know did the same; it makes sense, since we just aren't a mitigating class.
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well to total it all up. CA, CS, double riposte, Natural durability, physical enhancement, armor of wisdom, and dont forget about protective spirit discipline when you're in trouble.


Does nobody read post dates?


I was going to ask if he was dressed up as a necromancer this year, but decided that was too cheesy for even me :/

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Me? Hell no, lol. I post under my real names.