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Found a descent spot to dual box

Started by Gunzak, February 17, 2008, 10:21:27 PM

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A buddy recomended I try the pirates in the Buried Sea and the pirates there are pretty good experience.  They were yellow to red to my 73 Druid with some even con to my 77 Beastlord so I would guess they are 75-77 so they will be dark blue even at level 80.  I had no trouble boxing them as long as I only got two at a time.  They can hit for over 1k but avg was 800 or under.  There are also several solo tasks there that give faction as well as experience.

Best part is none summoned so they can be kited if you have a Druid or Necro partner.


Make sure and do the hand aug if you are gonna be there a while...unless you have it already.


Druid can single anything around there as well, through snare + running agro off of unsnared adds over the water.  Easy camp breaks.  I just didn't like the # of HPs of mobs there...just felt cheated after RSS.