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Trials of an Iksar
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The Trials of an Iksar by Atropine

This is a story of a young iksar. His tale is not one of glory, but of hardship. These trials and tribulations made him into the Lizard he is today... How do I know this? That Lizard is me...

On a cold, dark night near the heart of Cabilis an Iksar was born to Prophet Sseznar and Warlord Sylria. The young Iksar's father, Sseznar, is a mighty shaman, who fought many battles next to Cabilis' greatest warriors, necromancers and shadowknights. He is regarded by all of Cabilis as one of the greatest shamans in it's long history. His mother, Sylria, is a warlord who fought many battles along side her mate. She is much younger and less distinguished than her mate, yet a powerful warrior nonetheless. For many years these two had tried to conceive. This was their final chance to bear an offspring as both were now aging past their fertile years...

Their offspring was male. His name... Atropine.

Sseznar was excstatic! A boy... Finally an heir to his legacy. This notion was instilled in the boy almost immediately after he was born. As he grew, the boy exhibited many of his mothers traits. He had exceptional stamina, and an aptitude for fighting. Even through all his fathers efforts, he wasn't terribly gifted in the magical arts. Burning with a desire to please his father, the young Atropine yearned to master the shamanistic arts. Yet, his mother secretly took pleasure at the speed her son learned the skills she taught to him.

When he thought young Atropine was ready, his father admitted him to the Shaman guild at an age that only highly gifted students were admitted to. His son would learn from the best in Cabilis...

Months passed.

Atropine's peers had exceeded him in skill by many levels. He struggled to learn his most basic spells and chants. The simple cast of light healing drained him. Yet he struggled on, and mastered light healing, flash of light and inner fire. He lived a life of denial. He would go home and appease his aging father with stories of the new spells his peers struggled to learn, and how he was able to master them with ease. Yet he somehow always managed to avoid having to demonstrate his abilities. Atropine longed to make his father proud...

More time passed.

Then the darkest day of his life came. Atropine arrived at the shaman guild as usual to begin his training for the day, only to find his peers standing behind the guild master snickering in his direction. The guild master promptly told Atropine his performance as a shaman was disgraceful. And being the only son of Sseznar, that he should be ashamed. He was to be disbanded from the shaman guild and immediately leave the sacred shaman grounds. Atropine hung his head in shame and left the guild followed by laughter and humiliation.

Now burdened with the thoughts of how he would have to tell his father about this, he wandered outside the walls of Cabilis into the Field of Bone. Depressed, he wandered a bit far outside the outskirts of town. Not paying attention, he inadvertently ran into a small group of 3 skeletons. Immediately they ATTACKED! With his hand to hand abilities taught to him by his mother, he was able to dispatch the first skeleton with ease. The remaining two skeletons wounded him greatly, but a few well placed strikes turned one of the skeletons into a pile of motionless bones. The now wounded Atropine tried to escape to the guards, but couldn't seem to move as fast with his deep wounds. Things looked bleak, and he almost longed for a quick death...

The skeleton cackled as it loomed over him. It raised it's decayed fist to deliver the final strike. Atropine didn't want to die... something inside of him stirred. In his mind, he called out for help! With eyes closed, he anticipated death, but it did not come. He opened his eyes to see a young scaled wolf making short work of the skeleton...

Atropine made his way back to the ruins outside of Cabilis. Using the healing chants he had managed to master, he healed himself. To his surprise, the young scaled wolf had followed him into the ruins.

"Hello little friend, you saved my life."

The scaled wolf looked proud, and came close to Atropine. Their eyes locked, and Atropine could almost feel an instinctual bond with the animal. He could sense it's intentions, and felt that he could almost communicate with it without a word. A second later, Atropine heard the a clatter of armor and knew the guards were headed this way. This meant danger for his new friend. He went to tell the scaled wolf to leave, but it was already gone. It was like the animal sensed his knowledge of the guards and fled.

Atropine returned home from his time outside Cabilis to find his father in the entryway of their home standing with his great Spear of Fate in his hand. His mother, half cloaked in the darkness of a doorway, looked distressed.


Atropine was clearly shocked, and could only mutter,"But father..."

Sseznar was clearly irate. He bellowed,"The Shaman guild master visited me today. You have been disbanded from the order of Cabilis shamans. You have lied to me and disgraced my name. YOU ARE NO LONGER MY SON!"

With that Sseznar struck his son so hard that Atropine landed near the entrance to the house. Stunned he couldn't get off the floor. His father moved with speed toward the door, opened it, and threw the boy out into the streets of Cabilis.


And the door slammed shut.

Atropine wandered the streets now completely without family, direction or purpose. It seemed to him the whole city knew what had happend, his disgrace. Even the froglok slaves seemed to snicker at him before the slave drivers quieted them. Slowly he made his way towards the field of bone. There was nothing here for him now. Atropine was all alone...

In the darkness of the caves leading to the city entrance, a voice called out to him. Then a strong hand yanked him into the darkness.

"Do not be afraid," the voice said.

Immediately Atropine recognized the voice as his mothers. It sounded different somehow though. His mother had been crying...

"Here son, take these. "

She handed him two polished ulaks that he had trained with years ago.

"These weapons are all I could take without your father noticing."

Then she handed Atropine a backpack full of provisions and water.

"Son, you may never return home, yet you will always be my son. Make a new life for yourself outside these walls. The dangers you face will be great, just know I will always be with you."

She then placed her hand over his heart.

"Right here."

Almost as suddenly as she appeared in the darkness, she disappeared. Atropine was now truly on his own.

Armed with his 2 Ulaks, he strode out with a heavy heart out into the Field of Bone...

Trials of an Iksar (Part II)

The sky was filled with dark, forbidding clouds. Thunder claps boomed in the distance. A heavy rain drenched the ruins outside the entrance of cabilis in the field of bone. It was late in the day, and Atropine's thoughts were still on his mother.

"...I am really on my own now. I have no knowledge of this world, and nowhere to go. How could I let this happen... What am I going to do now?"

His thoughts dominated his consciousness. He barely noticed where he was walking. Lightning crackled through the sky, lighting up the darkness of the Cabilis ruins.

Atropine walked aimlessly past the ruins when a bolt of lightning lit up the shadows and revealed a crouched form huddled just inside one of the ruins. Atropine snapped out of his introversion and became acutely aware that he was not alone. He felt his grip tighten around the Ulak's his mother had given him.

A voice rang out through the downpour... "Who goes there?"

Atropine responed, "Just an outcast, no one to concern yourself with."

The voice again sounded, muffled by the rain, "Will you help an aged traveler with some food and maybe a drink?"

Wary of this situation, Atropine crept closer to get a look at this traveler. The darkened sky and rain made it almost impossible to discern exactly who this traveler was. Closer and closer he crept... Another bolt of lighting lit up the sky, and Atropine was able to clearly see an aged iksar huddled in the doorway of the ruins.

"Come in my young friend," the old Iksar said, and gestured for Atropine to sit.

"You look like you are lost. What brings such a young lizard to the dangers of the field of bone?"

Atropine almost didn't know what to say, or where to start. He could only mutter, "I'm on my own now. There is nothing left for me in Cabilis."

The old Iksar replied, "HA... you sound like a young Iksar I used to know... Now, about that food, would you mind sharing some with a hungry traveler?"

With that Atropine reached into his bag and procured 2 rations and a flask of water. The two finished off the rations and water in what seemed like an instant. More relaxed, the old Iksar sat back and pulled his cloak tighter around himself.

"You know this world is larger than you could ever have imagined young Iksar. I have been from one end to the other... and beyond. Kunark is but a small continent on the face of Norrath. Travel beyond the field of bone is incredibly dangerous for someone as young as yourself..."

"Why are you here then, huddled in the ruins outside of Cabilis?" asked Atropine.

The old Iksar straightened and looked directly into Atropine's eyes and spoke...

"My name is Ventaz and I am dying. I have come to the end of this life. I never thought I would live to see a death of old age. Many times have I longed to die in the heat of battle, yet my skills as a warrior that were a boon during the height of my life, are a curse now in my twilight years. Almost a year ago I gave up my swords, buried in my only son's grave. He died in battle next to me, and I was unable to save him from death. My only solace was to slay the beast that took the life of my son. Now, I wander from place to place. A drifter, a begger... awaiting my time to join Cazic-Thule and my son."

Atropine looked away as the old Iksar's gaze seemed to penetrate his scales and see his thoughts.

"Now then, what is your name and how is it that such a young Iksar is on his own?" asked the old Lizard.

With that Atropine fell back into his state of depression and began to pack up his things without a word. As he stood up to leave he said, "My name is Atropine and I am sorry about your son, but I must leave."

The old Iksar looked confused and said, "No need to rush off boy. I did not mean to offend you. I just haven't talked to anyone in days, I'm just trying to make conversation. Please relax and keep this old lizard company for a while longer."

Atropine slouched, turned around and dropped to the floor trying to find a comfortable spot on the rock floor. After a long silence, he asked, "So now that I am out here on my own, where do I go? What am I to do with myself?"

The old Iksar seemed pleased with this question.

"You will train your body and mind against creatures great and small. You will gain skill in your chosen path, and become more powerful with every triumph. Seek out others on the same path as you, and learn from them. Find a common guild or association to learn new skills and garner knowledge of the magical arts, if that is your path. Now young lizard, what is your chosen path?"

Atropine fidgeted, noticibly disturbed by the question. After a long pause, he managed to get out that he was trained as a shaman, but wasn't very good at it. He also said that he enjoyed the thrill of battle far more than the sedentary lifestyle of a caster. The old Iksar took this as his queue and said, "You have much to learn about his world young Atropine. Let us get some rest, and tomorrow I will teach you more about this world you are about to enter."

With that the old Iksar laid down and seemed to immediately fall asleep. Atropine did the same and he drifted off to sleep, tormented by dreams of unimaginable horrors and feelings of loneliness...

He awoke to a ray of sunlight beating down on his scaled head, with a slow drip from the nights rain, landing on him from a crack in the ceiling. Looking around, his eyes adjusting to the morning light, he saw the old Iksar standing outside the doorway...

Ventaz said, "Get up, it is time for us to be on our way."

Atropine got up, packed his things and left with the old Iksar, even more unsure now of where he was headed...

Trials of an Iksar (Part III)

WOOSSSH... Ventaz's fist missed Atropine by less than an inch. Atropine instinctively crouched, then sprung toward Ventaz landing 2 quick blows to the sternum, knocking Ventaz back a step.

Ventaz straightened from the blows, clearly not phased by either of them and looked pleased...

"GOOD! Very good. Your hand to hand skills have improved signifigantly since we started this morning. Take a break, and lets get something to eat."

Ventaz thought to himself, "this boy has potential. His hand to hand skills already exceed mine when I was that age. He does not have the warrior mentality though... I wonder..."

Atropine slowly walked over to the shade of a nearby tree and slumped down while rubbing his shoulders. This was the hardest he had trained in a long time, since before he went to train as a Shaman. His muscles ached from taking so many blows from Ventaz. Slowly he began the incantation that now seemed to come with ease. Soon his body was covered in a light blue glow, the pain was soothed and dissipated into nothingness.

His thoughts drifted off to the events of the day. Ventaz had led him to a somewhat secluded spot in the field of bone. He didn't see many dangerous creatures here. After they had set up a camp, Ventaz had offered to prepare him for some of the dangers that lie ahead. Atropine never thought that such an old reptile could train so hard...

His eye caught Ventaz moving towards him...

"Get up boy, we aren't done for the day" said Ventaz.

Tired, but fully healed, Atropine lifted himself off the ground and moved towards Ventaz.

"You are moving to slowly! You open yourself to attack."

A swift kick caught Atropine off guard and struck him hard in the midsection. A large scaled fist followed that and struck him in the square in the jaw, lifting Atropine off of his feet, and sending him a foot or two backwards, leaving him sprawled on the ground stunned.

Out of nowhere sprang the young scaled wolf that had come to Atropine's defense a day before. Knocking Ventaz down, the scaled wolf released a deep growl and beared its fangs... A swift strike knocked the scaled wolf off of Ventaz before the young wolf could sink it's teeth into Ventaz's throat. With surprising agility, Ventaz sprung to his feet after knocking the young scaled wolf away and prepared to deliver the final blow to dispatch of this scaled wolf.

"NOOOOOO!!!" cried Atropine.

Atropine lept forward and tackled Ventaz away from the wolf. The scaled wolf moved forward intent on defending Atropine, even if it meant his death...

Atropine's eyes again locked with the scaled wolf. He projected his thoughts,"this is a friend." Without a word spoken by Atropine, the young scaled wolf calmed down and backed off.

Ventaz and Atropine got up and dusted themselves off. They both walked back to the camp in silence, the young scaled wolf following the two at a short distance. Ventaz seemed deep in thought, and finally he spoke...

"Atropine, it seems you have a mastery of communication with this beast. I have seen this before... and I know where we must go. Will you come with me and learn of the possibilities that lie ahead of you?

A bit startled by this revelation Ventaz had, Atropine stuttered out an reply.

"Possibilities? What possibilities?"

"The path you now walk is one that not many in this world choose. It seems that this path has chosen you. You are one of very few... I know of someone that can help guide you, if you will come with me" said Ventaz.

Atropine, still unsure of what Ventaz meant, wanted to know more about where they were going to travel.

"Where are we going?"

"We will be going to a place of timeless knowledge. Far, far from you home is where we will be going. You will be exposed to almost every race of being that inhabits Norrath... and beyond. It will be quite a shock at first, but I'm sure you will grow accustomed to the place" replied Ventaz.

Atropine's thoughts raced through his mind... "I'm not sure if I want to go so far away from my home. But I cannot go back to Cabilis now... If I were to stay here in the field of bone, I would have to live off the land. I have no direction, and what do I have to lose?"

After what seemed like an eternity to Atropine, he spoke and said,"Alright, I have nothing to lose and nowhere to go. I will go with you."

"Excellent! We break camp at dawn tomorrow. It seems like you have a new friend to tend to..."

Ventaz left the camp to hunt for dinner. Over the next couple hours, Atropine and his young scaled wolf friend played and wrestled. Time passed quickly and it was soon dark. Shortly after sunset, Ventaz returned dragging a gigantic scorpion behind him. Scorpion was one of Atropine's favorite meals. The started a fire and cooked the scorpion in its shell after removing the poisonous tip of it's tail. The 3 companions feasted on the scorpion meat... All 3 soon fell asleep.

As the sun broke over the hillside, casting rays of sunlight through the tree branches, Atropine awoke to the scaled wolf nudging him slightly. The old Iksar had already packed up the camp and was awaiting Atropine some 10 yards away.

"Get up boy, it is time for us to leave" bellowed Ventaz.

Quickly Atropine gathered his things, carefully placing the two Ulaks his mother gave him in his backpack. He got up and chased after Ventaz who had already begun walking. The scaled wolf followed close behind. The journey wasn't a long one. Then Atropine saw something he had never seen before... a large polished stone pillar with a open faced stone book sitting on top of it. The pillar and book seemed to glow with an unknown power.

Ventaz reached the book first and said,"Say goodbye to your friend Atropine. He cannot travel with us through this portal."

Visibly disturbed by this, Atropine knelt down next to the young scaled wolf. Their eyes locked and the scaled wolf seemed to understand.

"Don't worry my friend, I'll be back."

"Atropine, place your hand on the book and you will be transported to a place of wonder. We are going to the Plane of Knowledge."

Almost as soon as he finished, Ventaz placed his hand on the book and disappeared. Atropine apprehensively reached towards the book, and made contact...

Everything turned into a blur of lights and he all of a sudden felt completely weightless, outside the bounds of normal reality...

Trials of an Iksar (Part IV)

...A moment later, Atropine snapped back into reality. It was as if he was awoken from a comfortable sleep into a completely different place. His eyes slowly adjusted, and as he looked around his other senses began to pick up oddities that he had never experienced before.

For Atropine the first few minutes in this Plane of Knowledge were a sensory overload. In the background there was a constant buzz of loud voices, small voices, languages he did not understand... clattering of armor, music of the likes that he had never heard before as well as shouts of people buying or selling wares. The ambient noise of this place by itself seemed to overwhelm and consume him.

The initial visual scene he dropped in to reminded him much of a greener Cabilis. The buildings were made completely of aged and weathered stone. Dead, withered trees lined the streets, and dark races of all types seemed to guard this place. There were forbidding looking stones with twisted horns and placards of places he had only heard of...

Atropine was snapped out of his sensory transfiction of this new place with a slap on the back and a familiar voice.

"Snap out of it boy. You will quickly become accustomed to this place. I know it's a lot at first, but we have business to attend to" said Ventaz.

"Follow me."

With that Ventaz strode off towards a large stone arch guarded by an Iksar and a Troll in full armor. Still in a state of bewilderment, Atropine instinctively followed Ventaz with his eyes wide... looking from side to side trying to take everything in.

The two passed through the arch, and it was like Atropine had again stepped into a different world. The buildings on the other side of the arch seemed to be made of polished stone. The streets were immaculate, as were the sprawling lush green lawns that separated the streets and buildings. Massive twisted healthy trees grew from the ground. A large tower with an arching walkway that seemed to disappear over a wall hovered in the distance high above him. This was truly unlike a place he had ever been.

As Atropine took few steps into this new area, following Ventaz, and the main street came into full view. Awestruck, Atropine stood there with his eyes wide as saucers almost forgetting to breath. This place was filled with races of men, women, elves, gnomes, halflings, dwarves and races he had only seen pictures of. Immediately he felt exposed and in danger. Ever since he was a young reptile he was warned of the dangers associated with these creatures. Their hatred of the Iksar race ran deep. Instinctively he got off the street and behind the corner of the closest building.

Ventaz chuckled, and walked camly over to the apprehensive Iksar..."Do not be afraid young Atropine. The creatures who venture to this place come in search of knowledge, through peace and tolerance. You have nothing to fear in terms of bodily harm here from the denziens and travelers in the Plane of Knowledge. Please, we must continue, we are very close now."

As they turned the corner, Ventaz walked directly towards one of the white stone buildings. A huge stone door with a symbol like Atropine had never seen before stood before them. Ventaz placed his hand on the symbol, and the giant stone door slid open with a slight grating sound of stone rubbing against stone.

"Inside lies a path for you Atropine. Your destiny lies before you. It is up to you to decide whether or not this is the path you will walk. I cannot go with you for this. I have business elsewhere to take care of. When you are done here, make your way to the bank. I will be there waiting for you. Good luck boy." With that, Ventaz clapped Atropine on the shoulder, and left him standing in front of the building alone.

Atropine entered the building. The walls on the inside were made of the same polished white stone he had seen everywhere else. Large bookcases lined the walls with ancient tomes filling them. Walking in to the main room, he saw two elder beings. One was a gnome, the other a high elf.

"Why would Ventaz lead me here?" thought Atropine.

Then he noticed a door to his left. Atropine all of a sudden got a funny feeling in his stomach. As he looked at the door, he felt nervous, and like he was sinking into the floor. He took a few steps toward the door, and place his hand on the handle and prepared to open it.

"Whatever is behind this door, may not have the answers I am looking for... I can't get my hopes up" thought Atropine.

He opened the door and entered a somewhat smaller room. He entered the room and was again struck with awe at what was in front of him. Towering before him was a large Noble looking feline creature. His muscles bulged underneath a soft layer of brightly colored orange, yellow and white fur with black and grey markings. His ears perked up towards Atropine and the felines large yellow eyes set directly on him. The feline spoke...

"Hello young traveler. What is it you seek?"

"I am here to find my path. Who am I and what am I to become?" said Atropine.

"Come here boy. Let me test your worthiness."

Atropine's thoughts raced. He had not been worthy to be a Cabilis Shaman. How could this be any different. Still he stepped forward, and the feline placed his hand on Atropine's head.

With his eyes closed, the noble cat seemed to be deep in meditative thought. Slowly his eyes opened again and settled, looking directly into Atropine's eyes...

"Young Iksar, you have found your path. I sensed that you have already created a bond with a scaled wolf. You have a natural affinity with animals of all kinds. Your spirit is infused with a harmony and balance with nature and it's creatures that few ever know. This bond you have with the scaled wolf is your path. I will train you in the ways of the beastlord."

Atropine's heart skipped a beat. His pulse raced and he felt excitement and pride welling up inside of him.

Atropine was able to stammer,"Tha..Thank you!"

"Good! We will begin now. I have sensed your abilities with magic. You are already well ahead of most young beastlords. Follow me young beastlord."

The noble feline led Atropine out into the main room. Pulling a large, dusty leather tube off the top of one of the bookshelves, he handed it to Atropine and told him to open it.

"This is what sets you apart from all others. Inside are three scrolls which are exclusive to beastlords. With the first, you will be able to summon your warder to your side from anywhere, and at any time. Your warder is the nimal that you have bonded with. They are your lifelong companions, as well as your lifeline. The next scroll will provide you with the power to infuse your warder with a feral power that allows them to strike your enemies with different elemental forces. The final scroll allows you to heal your warder with a far greater aptitude than you can heal yourself or others. Take your time to scribe these three scrolls into your spellbook, and then we will continue your training."

The feline then walked away from Atropine and returned to his room. Atropine took the scrolls to a desk positioned in the corner of the room and began the long process of memorizing and scribing the scrolls into his mostly empty spellbook...

Trials of an Iksar (Part V)

After several hours of scribing the ancient scrolls to his spellbook, Atropine was finally finished. Carefully and with great respect he rolled up the scrolls and placed them back into their container. Anxious to continue his training, Atropine hurried back to the noble feline.

As Atropine entered the feline's sanctuary, he found his mentor sitting cross-legged on the floor deep in meditation. Without stirring, the mighty feline sensed Atropines presence and slowly stood up. His eyes slowly opened and fixated directly on Atropine.

"Apprentice Beastlord... Have you finished the task I gave you?"

Atropine handed the ancient scrolls to the feline and said,"I have scribed them into my spellbook. I am ready to begin my training."

"GOOD! Now, sit down next to me and try to focus your mind on the creature that you have such a strong bond with. I will help you focus."

The two sat down. Atropine closed his eyes and tried his hardest to picture the young scaled wolf that he had to leave behind in the field of bone. He saw pictures in his mind of himself playing with the wolf, then pictures of the wolf saving his life from the skeletons.

"Relax you Beastlord... Relax..." and the feline again placed his hand on Atropine's head.

All of a sudden pictures of the young scaled wolf raced through Atropine's mind... in what seemed like an instant, the images that once dominated his mind coalesced into one image... Atropine was staring now directly into the eyes of his scaled wolf, deep in the recesses of his mind.

The powerful purr of the feline's voice resonated through Atropine's entire body, "Excellent... You have connected with the spirit of your warder. You are ready to learn the true power of your chosen path."

With that Atropine opened his eyes and blinked as if he had been asleep for hours. The feline had already gotten up and headed for the door. He motioned for Atropine to follow. He lead Atropine to a somewhat secluded area behind the huge white stone building. The thick green grass felt like soft padding underneath his feet. He could smell savory roasted flesh as a cool breeze blew past the two, rustling the grass and tree branchs as it past.

"Young Beastlord... Open your spell book and begin to chant with me," said the mighty feline.

Atropine opened his spellbook and began to chant slowly with his mentor. After several minutes of chanting, Atropine slowly closed his book as he no longer needed it to recite the incantation. The feline spoke again as Atropine continue to chant...

"Focus your thoughts now on the spirit of your warder. See his eyes, ask his spirit to join you in this place."

All of Atropine's thoughts narrowly focused on his young scaled wolf. His eyes slowly opened and noticed that his hands were glowing with radiant light. The area was engulfed in the light emitted from his hands and a strong wind, an unnatural wind suddenly gusted from directly behind Atropine... He felt a bit of his energy drain away from him, and with a final powerful gust of wind and a flash of light, the young scaled wolf appeared directly in front of Atropine.

Astonished, Atropine fell to his knees and embraced his companion. His warder was clearly pleased and playfully knocked Atropine over and pinned him with his scaled paws. Atropine got up and found his mentor enjoying a good laugh.

"Are you done now?" laughed the mighty feline.

Atropine visibly straightened and hastily said, "Yes, I'm sorry."

"Now that you have learned to summon your warder, you must learn to command him. This is the spirit of your companion, and it will obey your every command."

Over the next few hours, Atropine trained with his warder, and learned how to fully command it. Without a word, his mentor had disappeared. Atropine was now left alone with his scaled wolf companion.

"Well, I guess we are on our own now."

His warder seemed to nod in agreement. Atropine then remembered that we was supposed to meet Ventaz at the Bank here when he was finished. But where was the bank?

Atropine strolled out to the main street with his warder in tow. It seemed to have gotten even busier since he was last on this paved surface. The street was bustling with people running here and there. There was a congregatration of beings at a large stone way down at the end of the street near a wall. As he neared, he saw a stout Dwarf adorned in a rather deep purple plate set of armor surrounded by beings of all races, seemingly trying to get as close to this Dwarf as possible.

"What a strange sight," thought Atropine.

Deciding to get closer to see what was going on for himself, Atropine was almost knocked over by a gigantic Ogre scrambling to get close to the purple Dwarf.

"Skuze mez," bellowed the Ogre as Atropine was trampled.

As Atropine got up, and dusted himself off, he caught a glimpse of the Dwarf invoking some great power. An immense light radiated out of the Dwarf and engulfed everyone in the vicinity, including himself. Atropine felt different... he felt like he was invincible.

It seemed as though everyone in the crowd was dispersing, and showering the Dwarf with praise and some were even giving him money...

Looking around for a friendly face to ask directions to the bank here, he noticed a large Iksar standing near one of the giant stone buildings. Atropine approached the Iksar and noticed the blood red robe that he was wearing was adorned with a belt of skulls and bones. Lying next to the Iksar was a pile of bones. Immediately Atropine knew that he needed to be careful around this particular Iksar. He was what is known as a Necromance... a master of the darkest magical arts. As Atropine approached, the pile of bones sprung to life and formed a quite large, looming skeleton that glared directly at Atropine. Atropine's warder immediately got between the skeleton and his master. In a low, hissing tone the necromance addressed Atropine...

"What iss it you want child?" hissed the necromancer.

"Please, can you direct me toward the bank in this place?"

"Yesss, you mussst take that arching ramp up to the plateau and exit through the first great arch in directly in front of you. You will see a wood and ssstone building to your right. That isss what you are looking for."

Atropine hastily thanked the Necromance and began to walk away. As he walked away, the Necromancer called out after him...

"If you have bonesss from the dead... remember me before you dissscard them...." he said with a hissing laugh.

Following the Iksar Necromancers directions, Atropine found himself nearing the bank. Off to the side, he noticed Ventaz speaking with a Wood Elf completely garbed in a bright green plate armor. Even stranger was that this elf was holding a rather large drum. The Elf handed Ventaz a bag, and began to beat on the drum. The two shook hands and faster than Atropine had ever seen anything move, the Elf ran off, already becoming just a speck in the distance.

Eager to show Ventaz his companion spirit, Atropine ran at a full sprint towards him...

Trials of an Iksar (Part VI)

...Running at a full sprint, Atropine put his hand up to get Ventaz's attention. Ventaz was obviously completely preoccupied with the bag the incredibly fast elf had given him. Not even noticing Atropine, Ventaz rounded the corner of the bank, seemingly mesmerized by the contents of the bag. Now out of sight, Atropine surged forward to try to catch up with Ventaz. As Atroping rounded the corner, he was literally stopped in his tracks by an unnerving sight...

A gigantic ogre garbed in blood red armor that shone with a magical aura, was holding Ventaz by his neck 3 feet off the ground. Ventaz was gripping the bag he held tightly in his left hand, while his other hand held tightly to the arm of the ogre that held him off the ground. Behind the Ogre was a small creature that Atropine remembered to be a gnome. The gnome was clothed in a flowing green robe, with a shawl draped over his shoulders shimmering with runes. In the gnomes hand was a intricate wand that had 4 crystalline shards all seeming to hold a small ball of lightning at it's tip. The gnome ordered the third member of this sinister party to take the bag away from Ventaz. A dark elf fully armored in heavy dark blue plate struggled with Ventaz to obtain the bag. All 3 were distracted by their undertaking of obtaining the bag Ventaz held with a death grip. Out of the corner of Ventaz's eye, he notice Atropine and made eye contact. With a wink, he released his grip on the bag which the Dark Elf ripped away from him. The Ogre slammed his giant sized fist into the unarmored Ventaz and threw him to the ground. With that, the gnome spoke in a low sinister voice...

"Grab the Iksar, we may need him later... prepare yourselves, we are getting out of here."

Visibly stunned, laying crumpled on the ground, Ventaz reached underneath his cloak and dropped something shiny on the ground. He looked one last time at Atropine who was now partially hidden around the corner of the bank. Ventaz motioned with a slight head movement to the shiny object before the giant Ogre grabbed his leg and dragged him close to the gnome. The gnome then began an arcane chant which soon cloaked all 4 participants in a gust of magical blue particles. A moment later they were gone.

A sense of helplessness and rage boiled up inside of Atropine. In his heart he knew he had no chance against the three. However, he could not help but mentally berate himself for not interfering and freeing Ventaz. Dominated by these thoughts, he moved over to collect the shiny object Ventaz seemed to want Atropine to have so much. Atropine bent over and picked it up...

"A key," Atropine thought to himself. "What could Ventaz possibly want me to do with this key, and how am I supposed to know what it unlocks."

Confused and bewildered, Atropine walked aimlessly into a crowd of people in front of the bank. Finding a spot near the wall, next to one of the banks guardians, he slumped down to the ground. Atropine's warder came close and sat next to him.

Atropine looked at his warder and spoke to it,"Oh spirit, what am I to do now? I don't know what I can do, let alone how I am going to help Ventaz."

His eyes transfixed on the key Ventaz meant for him to have, he didn't even notice the halfling that approached him.

"Hey you, Iksar. Do you have any money to spare for a poor Hafling far away from his home?"

Startled into awareness of his surroundings again, Atropine stammered,"Nn No sir, I have no money to give."

Incredulously the Halfling replied,"Surrre you don't have any money. Thats why you are sitting there staring at your bank key right? If you didn't want to give me anything, you could have at least said as much."

Clearly disgruntled, the Halfling tottered off to harass the nearest rich looking being for money.

"A bank key... Ventaz left me his bank key," thought Atropine. He must have had a good reason to give me this. Atropine knew how important these keys were. He remembered how important his parents bank keys were. They kept all of their worldly possessions and some of their most powerful items in the bank, not to mention all of their money. Atropine was to one day have his own bank key...

Atropine made his way past the crowd of people inside the bank. Finally he got to one of the bankers, and asked how he could use this key. The banker took the key and inserted it into a slot next to an available small door in that lined the walls.

The banker then stated,"Open the door next to your key. Inside will be the items you have left there. Make sure to take your key from the slot before you leave, or someone else may gain access to your valuables. Thank you for coming."

The banker walked away to help the next customer in line. Atropine cautiously opened the door on the wall and peered inside...

He couldn't believe his eyes. The door opened into a much larger area than he imagined. That poor old Iksar he remembered outside the ruins was not poor at all. Inside of this bank was a multitude of platinum, gold, silver and copper. In addition to that were bags full of weapons and armor. In one of the bags there was a full suit of a magical armor Atropine had only seen some of Cabilis' best monks wear. A full suit of Acrylia Reinforced Armor is rare indeed. To his surprise every piece fit him like a glove. The armor was incredibly light and it augmented his physical abilities. As soon as Atropine donned the armor, he felt far stronger, faster and more durable. Searching through the rest of the bags he found a pair of velium rings and a golden sapphire necklace that glowed with a magical power. He also found a cloak made entirely out of spider fur, with a spider fur collar wrapped inside the cloak. Atropine felt like he could take on anyone... He wished he had all this equipment when those criminals were taking away Ventaz... Oh they would rue the day... And then he noticed a huge dusty chest in the corner that he had not noticed before. He struggled because of the sheer weight of the chest trying to pull the it closer to the door so he could see what was inside. After he managed to get the chest to where he could open it, Atropine wondered if he should actually look inside. It looked as if it hadn't been opened in years. After careful consideration, Atropine decided that it would be best to open the dusty chest. Inside the chest was a suit of enchanted armor and a pair of huge blades that glowed with a mystic red and blue aura respectively. Underneath those blades was a black sash that seemed to flow like water when Atropine held it. Wrapping the Flowing Black Sash around his waist, and securing it to his Acrylia Armor, he began digging deeper into the chest. Buried underneath ancient magical runes and maps of places Atropine had never seen before was a dusty old leather book. Engraved in the leather was the seal of the Royal Cabilis High Guard...

Atropine gathered up a few empty bags, and took the leather bound book he found, all the maps in the old dusty chest and a few hundred platinum. He then tried to put everything else back the way he found it, and closed the door to Ventaz's bank. Carefully remembering to take the key out, Atropine placed the key on the necklace he found and carried it around his neck.

Now fully armored and prepared to begin his search for Ventaz, Atropine strode out to find a quiet place and read the leather bound book he found in the old chest...

Trials of an Iksar (Part VII)

The warm flickering light of the candles filled the small tavern Atropine had found with light. A large rectangular bar was centered in the middle of the room. Several barkeeps served the taverns patrons various types of alchohol. A single bard walked around the tavern playing her lute flooding the tavern with a relaxing melodic rhythm. Having found a small table to himself tucked away in a corner of the tavern, Atropine took out the leather bound book in hopes of finding some answers.

Opening the book, he skimmed through various accounts of Ventaz leading groups of Cabilis Royal High Guardsmen in service of the High Council. It soon became very apparent to Atropine that this was not simply a diary, but an officers log... One that had never reached the Cabilis High Council. After almost an hour pouring over this log, Atropine read words that disturbed him as Ventaz hadn't questioned orders before...

... These orders seemed highly questionable as the Royal Cabilis High Guardsmen answer directly to the High Council. But, at the behest of Arch Lich Vessarth, I am obliged to organize a group of skilled High Guardsmen to undertake this rather extraordinary task.

For such an undertaking I have chosen several of my most trusted Guardsmen. The first, Tessla, is a shaman whom I have entrusted my life in combat time and time again. Her power rivals that of the mighty Prophet Sseznar. Ssyphen, a mighty Necromancer, I choose for his abilities not for his conviction. His power is unquestionable, however he is a solitary Iksar, not known for working well with a team. I will watch him closely. Zeraz, a fierce warlord, has skills that are equal to my own. I respect him as a warrior and as a Guardsman; His loyalty to the Cabilis High Guard is unfathomable. Sister Ssarla, one of our more reknowned monks, has skill in the martial arts beyond her years. Young and untested, I have my reservations, yet her martial skills are unmatched. The last member I choose for this team I do so with great reluctance. I need someone who can be trusted to carry this misson out without violating the High Council's protocols. Someone who can be trusted with the highly sensitive details about the true objective. For these reasons I reluctantly choose my own son to accompany me. Kestaz is a competent and powerful Shadow Knight. I tried to influence him to be a warrior like his father, however the magical adept he gained from his mother's necromantic influence are unquestionable. He is in his own right a force to be reckoned with...

...I have now assembled my team and briefed each member on our mission. This is the first time that I have ever kept the details of the objective a secret from the Guardsmen I lead into battle. Hopefully it will not come to bloodshed, and we can complete our objective without the use of force.

Atropine was transfixed by the length of their journey. The next several pages were dedicated to the accounts of travel that took the team to a far away place of great danger that Atropine had only heard of in tall tales told by washed up old soldiers.

...Our path finally ends here. We are now in the infamous Trakanon's Teeth... The gateway into the lair of Trakanon himself. The despicable undead dragon has enslaved the Iksar race for generations to create a monolithic palace beneath the surface of Norrath itself. We must find the entrance to his lair... The information given to me directly from the Arch Lich himself indicates that the entrance to his lair is hidden in the ruins of Old Sebilis...

...After over a day's travel my weary companions and I are setting up camp outside the crumbling gates to the ruins of Old Sebilis. After beating back an onslought of undead and vicious beasts of all manner here, we need a rest. However, my team has come to rely on eachother. There is a trust, a bond that has formed over the length of the journey here. My son has proven himself to be a competent leader as well. I feel pride as a father, yet I cannot show this as the leader of these Guardsmen. We will break camp at dawn and begin our search of the Ruins...

...Two days have passed and we have finally found what looks to be a portal to Trakanon's Lair. It is however protected by a magical force that will not let anything penetrate it. My team is beginning to get discouraged with thoughts of not being able to complete our mission after coming so far...

...Another day has passed... We are confronted by a group of adventurers from far away lands. My team was ready to do battle with the outsiders, yet as the leader I chose a diplomatic route instead. It turns out, they too were on a mission to enter Trakanon's Lair. They would not share the details of their mission, yet neither would I. They did however share some information they had gathered regarding entering the foul dragon's lair...

...A truce has been called between these two parties for now. We have agreed to work together to gain access to the lair. According to the High Elf's information, there are Froglock hunters and gatherers who roam Trakanon's Teeth and possess medallions that a spirit here yearns to obtain. This spirit... Emperor Ganak... holds the key to Sebilis...

...This alliegance with Elves directly violates the High Guard code, and it has been brought to my attention by my son. I have weighed the consequences of this alliegance, however our mission must be completed. The future of Cabilis could depend on it...

...These Elves are quite skilled. They have fewer numbers than us, yet they hold their own in battle. It is also interesting to note that they are not all of the same Elvish heritage. 3 of them have distinguished themselves as "High Elves." The other two are "Wood Elves." After seeing them in battle I was intrigued to know about them, as are my Guardsmen. Their group consisted of a Paladin, Cleric, Enchanter, Bard and Ranger...

..With the tracking skills of the Ranger and Bard, we were able to quickly find and dispatch of these Froglocks. After obtaining medallions for everyone, we are now going in search of this Emperor Ganak...

...A day of searching and we have found an ancient temple flooded with undead creatures. Our Necromancer made us invisible to the undead, and their cleric did the same for the light creatures. After locating Emperor Ganak, we have now obtained keys to Sebilis. My Guardsmen have no more use for these good beings, so we will be leaving them now. It should be no more than a day's travel back to the ruins of sebilis...

... We have arrived at the portal and are now preparing ourselves to enter Trakanon's Lair. It looks as though the team of Elves has beaten us here. They move quite quickly for such despicable creatures...

...Upon entry of Sebilis, my team and I are stunned as to the sheer size of the place. Sebilis seems to be carved entirely out of stone. Magic symbols adorn the walls, and this place is guarded by much stronger Frogloks than I have ever encountered before...

Here, there are several pages ripped out of the book. Atropine is stunned to have such an important part missing from this log. Frantically he moves on to the final written page in the log book. In what seems to be a hastily written passage...

... I am entrusting this highly sensitive information to the only being I believe can make it out of here alive. This information is not only vital to my people, it is critical that it stay out of the hands of those in search of great power. Who knows what could happen if this information was to fall into the wrong hands. I entrust these pages to Thraxll of Kelethin. He is leaving us to escape this place and tell others of what transpired here... May Cazic guide you Thraxll...

With those final written words, Atropine closed the log. He knew what he must do now. He must seek out this Thraxll of Kelethin. He must find out what events transpired in Sebilis, and what they found there...

(To Be Continued)
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Trials of an Iksar
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I think I've read this before on the former board...... not sure tho.

The story rocks and is fun to read.

please continue......
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Trials of an Iksar
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Yeah it does. Please continue this story.

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Trials of an Iksar
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Whenever I come to this site and I don't see this posting updated, I have to admit, I'm disappointed.

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Trials of an Iksar
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EXCELLENT writing please continue the story I cannot wait to see the next chapter.
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Trials of an Iksar
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Are we EVER going to get more of this story???  This was outstanding!
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Trials of an Iksar
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MORE!">" width="501" height="132">

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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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Yes, I want more!!!!!!

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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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aww i want more
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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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Very good story. To bad it was never finished.   :-(
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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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OMG this story is tooo good, i really want it to be finished =(
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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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"Posted on: January 20, 2004, 15:23:43"

Chances are, you're not going to see more.

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Re: Trials of an Iksar
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true bro but still hoping haha
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