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PoF Tables at 66 (Guide)
« on: May 15, 2008, 04:19:39 PM »
So I've been looking for exp spots that were a little different than the usual tank/pet cleric spots and after following my necro buddy at the tables I decided to give a go solo.

I don't know if it's the best exp, but I'm certain it's not the worst and it's pretty exciting to take down yellow mobs  :-D

So anyway, to get there you'll need levi and invis, so make sure you have some bat wings (if you don't, take Qeynos or Freeport book from PoK and slaughter bats for a few minutes).

How to Get There!

I have several paths marked out in the map below.  After the map, I'll explain each path in detail.

You will zone in at the Red X.  Immediately invis, levi, and sow and run north until you hit the zone wall.  Follow the zone wall West until you hit the Green X.

At the Green X I like to recast my invis just to be sure (you never really know with invis, but it makes me feel better  :-)).  Facing West you should see the Fort.  Here is where Levitate comes into play.  Following the green path, run straight into the high wall of the Fort.

There is an invisible wall that prevents you from running straight through or running back out once you are in, so take a left and follow the staircase down.  The staircase is designated by the Green O.  After you run down the stairs, head south a bit more until you find the staircase that leads into the middle section of the Fort.

After you run across mid section and you're heading out the opposite wall, take an IMMEDIATE right and head towards the
Blue X.

As far as the Blue Path, there's not much to say except hug the zone wall as tight as you can.  You'll get scarily close to a few mobs, but they won't aggro.  It's a relatively safe run (I've never gotten aggro at this point in the run).  Just keep following the zone wall until you hit the
Black X.

Now, here's where you gotta be a little careful.  You are now at the castle walls/gate.  There are two mobs that patrol the wall/gate.  Sit tight and watch for them, you don't want to rush in and get both of them on you.  Also, if you run along the side of the walkway (still in the yard, but tight to the walkway) you should be safe from both the guards standing next to the castle wall and mobs that wander the yard.  A few mobs will wander very close to the path you want to take.  Just watch them and avoid them the best you can.

When the coast is clear, run in through the castle gate.  Once you're inside the castle it's easy as pie to make it to the tables.  The mobs inside the castle have a ridiculously low aggro radius.  Set up camp at the black circle and welcome to the tables!

Actually Killing the Mobs!

I have Mnemonic Retention 1, so I have 9 spells slots, but anyway, here are the spells I have memorized for the actual kite:

Chimera Blood
Turepta Blood
Scorpion Venom
Venom of the Snake
Sha's Revenge
Frost Spear
Ice Shard

As for my pet, I started using only SoW and Arag's Celerity on him because the first few times I tried it with Rellic on he would draw aggro from me at around 50% of the mobs health and instantaneously get whacked.  So I would suggest at least for your first few pulls, or until you're comfortable with the camp, to only haste and sow your pet.  If you feel you have solid aggro on the mobs try buffing your pet with Rellic, but don't be surprised if he gets laid out hard  :-P

Okay, so the pet is buffed and it's time to pull a mob.  I usually pull with slow and follow with incapacitate to get a good base of aggro and to hurt the mobs AC a bit for my pet.  Once the mob is pulled, I follow this triangle pattern:

At the end of the Green Path it is safe to cast any of your dots, but it's pretty risky to cast slow or incapacitate.
At the end of the Red Path it is safe to cast any of the spells I mentioned before.
At the end of the Blue Path it is safe to cast ONLY your DD Ice Spells.

A couple of things to note:

  • Make sure you are COMPLETELY stopped before you start casting any spells, or else your spell WILL be interrupted.
  • Don't send your pet in until the mob is at 80%.  85% might be okay.  90% is risky.  Anything >90% is out of the question.
  • Mobs inside the building won't aggro you unless you get REALLY close
  • According to my necro buddy, all mobs in the castle are single pulls.  I've never been able to solo fast enough to test his theory.
  • Cast your dots in the order I listed the spells above.  If a mob resists the spell when you cast it, just move on to the next and after you have casted all your dots, fill in the ones that were resisted or have worn off.
  • If you cast an Ice DD at the end of the blue path every time, you can simply alternate between the two.  Gives an extra 400~900 dmg where before you would have 0.  I highly recommend it
  • If you run behind the table at the end of the Blue Path, you cannot see your target.  Don't do that.
  • If you run behind the boxes at the end of the Green Path, you cannot see your target.  Don't do that.
  • Keep slow on these guys at all times.  You will get hit, simple as that.  Slow may save your life :-)

Just keep pulling Soldiers, Protectors, and Guardians and you will be fine.  I haven't tried any of the casters solo, but I'm certain the Chaplains would be very tough as it's damn near impossible to interrupt their heals.

Well, that's all I can think of.  Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my post!
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