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Leveling experience -- 1-39
« on: June 19, 2008, 07:40:14 PM »
Let my start by giving a little background on myself. I started in EQ in Feb. 2000 and played up until the release of OoW. I was playing a ranger on the Tribunal server. With the recent Living Legacy promotion i decided to come back and give EQ another good try. Decided to created a Beastlord on a new server, so that i could play with my friend. I am glad i decided to come back, because i am staying, and loving my beastlord!

I went searching for some information, some new guides, new AA lists, etc. Since my knowledge of all of the new zones is rather....lacking. Come to find out this information, especially for the lower levels, is a little outdated, so i just went at it head on and feel like I've done fairly well for myself and i want to share my experience for those that are in the same boat as I am/was.

When i started on Tunare i had a little help from my friend. He let me borrow some of his gear until i replace it. I wouldn't consider what he is letting me use a great twinking compared to items I'm seeing these days, only notable items i would list are my weapons and haste cloak ( smoldering brand, stave of shielding, Cloak of crystalline waters), few pieces of black panther skin leather and some basic raw-hide. I've borrowed enough money to buy my essential spells as i level ( pet spells, pet healing, healing, slow, SoW), as well as purchasing a stack of level 15 DS potions ( 5pp a piece on tunare, 25 points of damage shield).

And now on to my leveling progression.

My first suggestion to anyone who is new/returning is to download the latest Mappacks for your UI. This is just great. I obtained mine from
My second suggestions, if you can find the funds, would be potions. Damage shield potions and healing potions (which i actually couldn't find any low level ones on my servers broker).


Gloomingdeep Mines: I decided to start out in the tutorial mines to get back into the basics of the game ( it has been so long) and found it to be quite fast at these first 10 levels. There were plenty of mobs to kill as well as nearby vendors/bank/spells. Also doing the first quest received by entering the mines you get a charm that gives +5 to all stats.

LEVELS 10-13

Crescent Reach: Since this is a new starting zone i decided to see what it had to offer. At level 10 i headed out and found a valley with puma's that conned white/blue. I quickly grinded on them until lvl 13.

LEVELS 13-23

South Ro: This is currently a hotzone, which i had read was suggested for lvl 20. But my memory was telling me that back when i started i did mobs in South Ro more around this level. I decided to head on out there and take a look. All i can say is WOW!! I had my first taste at a hotzone and i went from 13-23 grinding on dervs/orcs/random spiders in approx. 2.5 hours in southern part of South Ro. I used my 30 minute lesson of the devoted along with steadfast servant and DS potions and the exp seemed to fly by.

LEVELS 23-39

Blightfire Moors: This is currently a hotzone, which in game suggests at lvl 30. What i remembered seeing was a lvl 20 killing some rats on my way to the PoK book at the beginning of my travels. So i decided to go take a look. Come to find out there are some snakes/rats by the Crescent Reach zoneline that were easy enough. Loaded with some upgraded spells and Damage shield i grinded those and they quickly got me to 26.
At 26 I had found a pool of crocodiles, slightly Northwest of the Highpass zoneline. These were conning white/blue too me. I grinded these until 28.
28 I went looking for different mobs. tried the thorns, just north of the pok book. The first time i pulled a healer and seeing how long it took me to kill it i moved on. Tried the Mushroom people, just Northwest of the pok book, they stuck too close to one another, i had trouble single pulling. Then i found the Moonwhisker and Silverfur rats. They are located north of the PoK on the other side of the mountain ( i just followed the mountain base east around it until i found them. At 28 the Moonwhisker rats were conning red, but the silverfur were conning yellow but they do not social.

This leaves me to where i am right now, level 39 in a little under 20 hours of play time. I plan to stick with the rats until 40, possibly 41, then off to find another spot in Blightfire Moors.

So many things have changed since i last played EQ, and i feel like I'm learning it all over again, but its a great feeling. There's bound to be many new things that I have missed that could help someone level even faster, and i apologize if i have left any vital information out. I do hope, however,  that someone coming back/starting new and deciding to take on the beastlord role can use this to  help them get a boost in their leveling :).

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Re: Leveling experience -- 1-39
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2008, 12:39:21 AM »
Very nice post and welcome to being a Beastie.  8-)

At 40 you might want to take a look at the skellies around the watchtower. Keep your pet on a leash - those guys are all nukers. Before heading there, talk to Pewdry on the ground floor in CR and promise him that you'll bring "relics".
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Re: Leveling experience -- 1-39
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2008, 02:24:34 AM »
Thank you very much.

Hadn't heard of that spot, yet. Thank you very much, i will be heading that way tonight :)

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Re: Leveling experience -- 1-39
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2008, 04:39:07 PM »
Once in your 40s you should also think about going north to the Mesa, the Scout near the entrance gives out armor quests (Req 45) that could still have an upgrade or too, just ask about 'extra armor'.  Plus there are other task givers for extra exp.

When you visit, be on the lookout for Blacktalon though as he usually has a posse of 3 hench-griffs...