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65 AA hunting spots - My experiences
« on: June 27, 2008, 11:24:13 PM »
Hi, I am new to the Den, though I have used it for information since about level 60 on my Beastie. My Beastie's name is Tektek and I currently hunt on the Quellious/Rodcet Nife Server. Anyways, I am glad to finally have something to contribute to this forum, seeing as how it has helped me.

I now have 126 AAs and am 65 and I gained about 100 of those AAs soloing in various spots since 65. My preferred three spots are thus: Nadox, Grieg's End, and Acrylia Caverns. (Keep in mind that I have gear for a 65 who isn't filthy stinking rich. All my gear was made by nights farming in Dulak's Harbor. In a week, for about four to six hours a day, you could easily have enough to buy what is in my Magelo: Also, when starting to solo, I only had some basic AAs.)

Nadox: Nadox is good only due to its HZ listing. If Nadox didn't have a bonus to exp, it would otherwise be crap. For one, drops are no good except for the aug and earrings, though neither are anything to write home about, in my opinion anyways. Yes, I use both, but both could stand an upgrade. Anyways, my hunting spot of choice is the undead on the western-most part of the map. It is the undead that if you go across the bridge in the western direction, you would run straight to them. This spot is good since you can single pull with ease, and none of the mobs are super powerful. When I started here, I could get up to 13% AA per kill with about 20 AAs already. The trolls do drop money too, an added little perk, up to 9 platinum a drop. There is also a chance for some gems, but I wouldn't hold your breath. My one complaint with this area as a whole is that the pulls are not constant and single. If you want constant pulls, you will have to break one or two doubles in the stair area to the south or the luggalds to the east. All in all, a good area, with considerably good exp, definitely try it.

Grieg's End: What hasn't been said about this zone? If you go in to the courtyard and down the stairs and to about the middle of the zone on the map, you can find these pugilists and dream something-or-others in these rooms and all of them are single pulls with one roamer patrolling the halls, a soldier of madness or Officer of Madness, the latter having some unique drops. These mobs are slightly harder than the Nadox ones, however, they have less HP, almost half as less, as the highest undead in Nadox parse at about 20k, and these maybe 12k tops. These mobs, while complicated to get to minus a map, are easy to pull and there is no pressure from other mobs. Drop wise, these mobs, however, drop a little less coin, and no gems. There are some Luclin drops like windstones and crysotherium, but nothing great unless you need those. The zone is also more fun and diverse than Nadox, a definite plus when you grind for hours at a time. So if you haven't been by Grieg's yet, it would be in your best interest to stop by there.

Acrylia Caverns: This zone is no longer a hot zone, but damn do I love it. The outer mobs at 65 are green and gray and thusly not worth your time nor your effort unless you are farming acrylia. But to get in to the inner sanctum, it is pretty simply: Take a right at the zone in and follow that until you come to a room filled with the little Grimlings, skellies, and bug thingies with hard to spell names. Then go south, past the skellies (And yes, if you have run3, you could run by these invis seeing skellies without aggroing them, trust me, I have done it. Just remember to line yourself up and run straight through without stopping. SoW helps too for some added security.) Once in the lava room, look to your right and notice the orb on the wall. Click it and the door opens. Use the statue inside to teleport to the inner sanctum. In here, you will find naught but light blues. My route is to head north from here and head to the Arcanist's room, wipe them, go out to the stairs on the right coming out of the Arcanist's room, kill the guard mobs, run up the stairs, wipe the whole room, then head west in to the Warlord's room, wipe them, run out back to start and repeat. Unless you are goldly, the Arcanist's room should have popped and the hall would still be clear. Now, in the rectangle hallway outside the Warlord's room, yes, there are two cubbies sporting two un-single-pullable mobs. However, these mobs should not pose a problem for 65. Other levels, I cannot say since I only came here at 65. However with full mana and health, two shouldn't be a factor. Now why do I love AC so much? Simple: Great drops from the named and easy single that are weaker than even the Grieg's End mobs with the same amount of experience. Also, they drop blocks of acrylia frequently which sell for 30+pp, and the have filthy weapons that sell for 140+pp. In short: A soloer's paradise. However, no rose is without its thorns. Many mobs in AC randomly see invis, making travel dangerous for the unweary. Also, some randomly run, which can be a problem if you do not generate enough DPS, though I have never had a problem with it myself. If you are really scared of runners, invest a few AA in Hobble of Spirits, since it will be a few minutes till you fight another that will run. Also, watch out for them named bastards, they hit significantly harder than the trash mobs. And when I say significantly, I mean twice as hard. Just keep an eye out and learn the zone before challenging any of the named mobs, which include the arcanist, warlord, bloodmage, ritualist, and high priest. However, if you do manage to drop one of these baddies, they all carry some piece of decent loot, so another added bonus.

Well, that is my shpiel on hunting grounds for a 65 Troll Beastie. I hope someone finds this useful, as I am happy to finally be able to contribute.

Good hunting fellow Savage Lords

(Edit: Just a few notes - I am baz geared which means in order to get that stuff with one night of farming you have to wait for deals. Also, AC mobs have a tiny assist range. Lastly, in order to get out of AC inner sanctum, go back to Arcanist's room and go through the portcullis and on the right side of the room will be a layered, metal, spiky object, click that to be ejected to Grimling Forest.)
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Re: 65 AA hunting spots - My experiences
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2008, 02:32:30 PM »
Nice post- good info- a big plus very literate even for a troll

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Re: 65 AA hunting spots - My experiences
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2008, 09:46:23 AM »
Just to add another spot for good coin and ok xp. Also good to hunt named for tribute as nothing sees invis in the zone.  Temple of Droga is a nice zone to crawl through, Kunark hit points means the mobs go down easy and upto 20 plat ish per kill plus gems and the usual tradeskill stuff.  Lots of named to kill for ok tribute items, all in all a nice zone from low 60's to high 60's I assume, still lots of light blue mobs down there at 67.

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Re: 65 AA hunting spots - My experiences
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2008, 12:46:27 AM »
Just my 2cp--other zones that can be good at 65 are BoT (good gear needed, and the hotzone that makes it phenomenal exp also makes it insanely crowded) blackfeather roost, the steppes (can be a tad tough for the undergeared), Crypt of Decay, Sol C, and ChardokB.  Happy hunting.

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Re: 65 AA hunting spots - My experiences
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2008, 01:17:16 AM »
I've messed around in Nadox a little, but until I read this I never paid much attention to the undeads.  Today I wandered around and ended up down at the Hate's Fury zoneline.  That pier is the best spot to solo in all of Nadox.  Even with the zone jammed full of the normal hotzone crowd, I killed for a couple hours without seeing anybody.  Got several gems and a darkwater pearl necklace while I was at it.  And when it's time to camp I just park there at the zoneline.  Awesome!