Author Topic: Bestial Alignment and Wurine  (Read 10244 times)

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Re: Bestial Alignment and Wurine
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The timers aren't tied to each other.  When I do burns I do BA then EF, then GBA.  By the time I get to GBA generally everyone in the group has burned off their discs and it is actually useful to others.  I personally tied Frenzy of Spirit with GBA and use them in unison now. 

Also while not the reason most people would use it, do not discount that both version of BA include a 20% chance to resist spells, which can at times be handy beyond the damage.  GBA also lasts longer than BA does.  I just wish I could block the form of BA (like you can with GBA), I like the form (other than I look like a damn ranger) but it grows me which is annoying.