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From Fan Faire

Beastlords: if they can gain consensus on wanting the newer models for their pets they can have them, however devs currently believe there is big disagreement on that issue

guess we need to vote..

i personally want new stuff or option to have new stuff

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Option 2 would be things like the DoN cat models, TSS tigers, Icefall Bears, TSS gators, etc; all skinned for appropriate colors of course.

Please vote, and I will pass this on to Developers when a decent number of votes are posted.

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Iksar warder's been broken forever ... get rid of it ... give us something new and shinie.  Was hoping for a more creative way to solve the problem of "some like it some don't" from the Devs ... maybe by giving each races 2 or 3 options for warder models ... but guess not.

The options thing would require new coding, which wouldn't be started until after the main new expansion bugs are done, and vacations are finished...i.e. it would be at least 6 months from now.  I don't see us having a shot at the entirely new models anytime soon either, unless they have some 'sitting around,' waiting for use.

Well they've been promising new models (most recently) for a year or more .... If they haven't done anything by now I doubt that anything really satisfactory will come out of it.

Could just get pet illusion spells like necros have.


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