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SoD spells - factions, drop/purchase locations

Started by Xacer, October 16, 2008, 04:31:30 AM

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Could someone post or show a link on where we get our new spells from? Faction, vendor, Drops etc?  I would very much appreciate it )


This information is not available at this time!


Patience.  It'll be figured out soon, and Rasper's Repository, or the crucible, allakhazam's, guildies, etc,... will have that info to pass along.


I doubt it will be known until shortly after the expansion is launched.

Ganellon D'Alinor

Here is a summary of the SoD spell system, a mix of TBS and SoF system

Common spells (same as SoF mostly)

Rank I

Level 81
Oceangreen Hills - Assistant Josephine ( in Human fort NE of map )
Focus of Yemall
Ikaav Blood
Salve of Reshan

Level 82
Bloody Kithicor - Assistant Joseph ( at void ZI )
Cadmael's Mending
Mimax's Mending
Spiritual Verve
Tsetsian Endemic

Level 83
Field of Scale - Assistant Josic ( next to Phara Dar )
Spirit of Hoshkar
Unrivalled Rapidity

Level 84
Toskirakk - Assistant Josienisa ( at void ZI )
Frigid Lance
Spirit of Vaxztn
Spiritual Edification

Level 85
Old Bloodfields - Assistant Josot ( next to Dragorn vendors )
Fellgrip Jaws
Savage Ferocity
Spellbreaker's Aegis

Rank II

Dropped by mobs of corresponding levels. 2% drop rate in open zone, 4% in dungeons.

Rank III

Runes turn in to Kalim kar the Gold in plane of time A

81 Order :
1. Salve of Reshan
2. Ikaav Blood
3. Focus of Yemall

82 Order :
1. Cadmael's Mending
2. Spiritual Verve
3. Tsetsian Endemic
4. Mimax's Mending

83 Order :
2. Unrivaled Rapidity

84 Order :
Spirit of Vaxztn
Frigid Lance
Spiritual Edification

85 Order :
Fellgrip Jaws
Savage Ferocity
Spellbreaker's Aegis

Rare spells :

Rank I
Bought for chronobines (where ?)
Bite of Vitrik (Lvl 83)
Promised Rejuvenation (Lvl 83)
Growl of the Jaguar (Lvl 84)
Yowl at the Moon (Lvl 85)
Foray (Lvl 85)

Rank II

Various factions vendors.
Bite of Vitrik Rk. II => Name (?) - Warmly faction required - Oceangreen theme
Promised Rejuvenation Rk. II => Herald of Druzzil Ro - Warmly faction required - Discord theme
Growl of the Jaguar Rk.II => Name (?) - Warmly faction required - theme (?)
Yowl at the Moon => Sirra Herald - warmly faction required - Bloody kithicor theme
Foray => Tynoc Herald of Scale - warmly faction required - Field of Scale theme

Rank III

In the Void. Spells get available after completing those raid
Bite of Vitrik Rk. III => After completing  Temple of Bertoxxulous raid (Queen Malarian) and Black Burrow raid (Stop the Ascension) [Oceangreen Theme raid]
Foray Rk. III => After completing Showdown at the crystal core [Korascian Theme raid]


Yowl at the Moon Rk. II, Sirra Herald, warmly faction required. Bloody kithicor theme.


Foray rkII > Tynoc Herald of Scale, warmly , Field of Scale


excellent work guys..thanks )


Bite of Vitrik Rk. 3 can be bought from the guy in the Void =)


Which void? How much? What is needed to unlock it?

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I have access to Void C now with no raids done, there were a few new spells for other classes and new type 3 augs but nothing worth getting for beasts yet except type 3 aug with Servitor of scale pet focus for those not up to TSS raid progression yet.

What raid unlocked rk3 Vitrik?
Saniiro -- 75 Beastlord of Stromm <Final Door>

Saniiro's magelo



Type 3 augments, all require Ally faction

Tempus Faycite Shard : Foray               > OG Theme
Salus Faycite Shard : Cadmael's Mending > Kithicor Theme
Irae Faycite Shard : Frigid Lance            > Field of Scale Theme
Salus Faycite Shard : Salve of Reshan     > Toski Theme

Growl of the Jaguar rk2 > Toski Theme

i guess this leave Promised Rejuvenation rk2 and Irae Faycite Shard : Bite of the Vitrik for Bloodfield Theme, need confirmation


yeah somehow I think no matter what they add too Promised the previous spell will still be more powerful sans the type 3 for that version as well.


what faction is needed for rank 2 growl? ive seen the shard but not the faction for the spell