Author Topic: Kitty can tank  (Read 16470 times)

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Re: Kitty can tank
« Reply #15 on: December 13, 2009, 12:27:15 AM »
Believe me that you should never have the slightest worry about airpet losing agro to your warder. Mage airpet has insane agro ability, even without taunt / additional proc buffs. You should try giving warder variable head starts with tanking, then send in the mage pet. You'll probably be surprised how fast agro is peeled.

Warder's > Air Pet in agro, always have been, always will!

Look at the Pet Buff you place on your warder.  It's like +500 hate every time it proc's, and our pet Proc's alot.  The only one I know of that has a -hate mod is the level 55 SoL one you can't research.

As a side note...With Underfoot going live and them increasing the # of charges on Prism Skin, he should be able to tank munch better.  And he gained more defensive abilities in Block I believe :evil:
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Re: Kitty can tank
« Reply #16 on: December 13, 2009, 04:21:54 PM »
thats not really thanking then thats just MASS healing
Tanking is just surviving between heals and keeping aggro, the longer you can live between heals just makes you more efficient at it :P

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Re: Kitty can tank
« Reply #17 on: January 08, 2010, 04:48:30 PM »
I must be missing something.  Rune? I have my delayed pet heals, normal pet heals. Which Rune are we talking about?

From reading everything here, I am definitely weak on my toon.  HELP!!!

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Re: Kitty can tank
« Reply #18 on: January 08, 2010, 08:39:27 PM »
The pet gets 2 types of runes: 

1 - Prism skin, which it casts as a recourse of one of the procs (single hit rune last I paid attention.  Thought I saw something somewhere abt it increasing to muliti-hit, but that might've been on wishlist)
2 - Cast runes - I use Bulwark of Tri'Qaras, I think there's another that's more hits (I like the small dps gain from the fade of that one).  There's also some spell mitigation type runes, but I never bother with those, spellbreaker's aegis/bulwark.
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Re: Kitty can tank
« Reply #19 on: January 09, 2010, 02:26:49 PM »
Aye, Dragonscale Guard is the 'most" common one. At rank 2 it blocks 9 melee or spell hits period.

You can only have ONE of the rune line on your pet on him at any time, so either spellbreaker's line or Tri'qaras or the Dragonscale I linked above.  Prism skin stacks however (procs off your pet's Spirit of XXX line buff (yes now has 2 hits rather than 1).

I know that prism skin takes the FIRST hit... and then your cast runes above start taking the next hits.

You can also have your healer merc or any cleric cast the VIE line, which is a mitigation % off damage your pet takes, up to a certain total.

Chanters can also cast either their damage Rune line on you and pet as well as a spell mitigation damage buff.  I have a chanter as my alt and I know those two buffs stack with everything else on my pet as well. Also chanters have an aura (runic shimmering aura line) that will pulse a small damage absorption buff on you and your pet (as long as you have the pet affinity aa that is).  Heck Chanters can even cast Dermal Brimstone which is yet ANOTHER rune on you or your pet...  you got lots of choices :)