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BEASTLORD AA CHART - current up to SoD

Started by bladethecat, August 06, 2009, 08:12:42 AM

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They fixed themselves, or he dropped by.  Sticked, w/ link put into first post.


Thanks  :-D

Chart Updated.


I'm going to work on updating this chart to include the underfoot aa this weekend.


I've made a new chart. Mostly the same data just using excel 2007 this time.

Comcast homepages are being a pain about excel worksheets so I'm going to try to find a site to upload it to. However if anyone wants it e-mailed to them I can send it.


How about http://docs/ You'll have to create an account if you don't have one, but it's all free. You can upload documents and make them public for online viewing, and even pass out edit permissions if you want.


I think i got this working now.

Not working yet. I'll edit this message when I get it fixed.

Ok I fixed the comcast site. Only needed minor tweeking.


With the release of the new UF AA, I will be amending my AA chart.


I'll need to go over my HoT beta logs but I might... stress the word might... be able to spend the time to update my chart to include UF and HoT aa. I'm still in college and it's eating up a lot of my time.


Any chance you have had a bit of downtime to update this?  Great chart btw.


No Sorry. I've been so busy with taking enough classes to complete the requirements for 2 degrees and 4 certificates that I don't even know what downtime is atm.

I know I have 2 expansions to finish and a 3rd on the way. Hopefully I'll get into beta and I can get logs on all the AA costs. Maybe if I have some downtime after the holidays I may be able to get it updated.

Quote from: Rureen on September 20, 2011, 04:20:59 PM
Great chart btw.