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Bugged AA's

Started by Sikkem, March 09, 2010, 07:43:39 AM

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Not sure if everyone has seen this thread  on the official site but surely we have some bugged aa's that need fixing.  Isn't Blood Frenzy broken, apart for mbeing useless I mean?

Sikkem - 90 Beastlord - Bertox


It's not really bugged that I know of, just sucks and has stacking issues with Empathic Fury.  Mentioned it a couple times in beta when they gave us another rank, but meh.  No point imo.


This is what I  have found with Blood Frenzy.
1. It is partially broken. I do notice slight increase in Flurries
2. It does not increase damage. You dont get 20% or 40%  or even 1%.
3. It doesn't matter whether you are buffless or have Emphatic fury running. It provides no increase in damage.
4. Overall a big waste of AA's unless they fix it. It is not fixed.


Flurry Chance (60)
Increase All Skills Minimum Damage Modifier by 48%

The benefits are extremely small, and not useful being it is a triggered buff off kill shots.