Author Topic: Appotus Dominus of Maelin Starpyre needs a Beastlord!  (Read 3663 times)

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Appotus Dominus of Maelin Starpyre needs a Beastlord!
« on: June 11, 2010, 02:41:04 AM »
Appotus Dominus. We are the drunken masters of Maelin Starpyre! And we are in need of beastlords with high raid attendance. Need not apply if your pet is not litterbox/outdoor trained and is destructive to furniture. We like our furniture.

AD is an 8 year old, stable guild of good folks who value good nature and good humor over all, but we do what we must to get the job done. Our first demolishing of the Tower of Discord took place some under a year ago and Fippy is on farm status currently. We're working on The Beast Below and have stuck our toes in the waters of Pellucid Grotto's raid event.


Level 85, 1000 AAs (or close)
The Gates of Disc--- uhh, Underfoot expansion.
SoD progression to Korafax. Tower key not required.
A good head and functional gear for our current content. At least SoD T5 gear (or very close) is a must.
All augs filled out is appreciated and preferred.
We require 50% raid attendance but the higher the better. We need a dedicated person to their class and to their guild who likes waffles. Okay, not really so much the waffle part.
We raid Sunday to Thursday at 6PM CST to 10PM and use a DKP system with open bidding.
Please have an updated magelo profile.

Any class is free to inquire about becoming an applicant. We are also especially seeking warriors, clerics, shamans, berserkers, rogues, wizards, and a skilled shadowknight.

If killing huge evil dogs and snails and ants is your thing and you think you might fit the bill of what we desire, please drop someone a tell before submitting an application:


Ione (Leader)
Velnarin (Recruitment)

Visit our website at for more info!