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Re: Bestial Bloodrage
« Reply #60 on: July 24, 2010, 01:48:43 PM »
Sorry I posted really late for me one night and didn't post it the way I wanted and it seems to have led to some minor confuson. What I was trying to say was: everyone who is planning on getting into this beta should get together in a board take all these ideas plus any leaked info such as bloodrage and work together so when beta does roll around we can work together while we are in beta and maybe catch a devs ear in real-time not messages or a forum and try to have a meaningful conversation.

Khauruk. I understand your concerns and I'm not sure if you understood what I was trying to say. No I don't have any new information and I wasn't trying to imply that I did. I was asking bsts planning on getting into beta to just get into a single forum or set of messages to talk about what is going on. I know we've talked aobut ways till many of us were fuzzy-faced but here isn't beta and bsts sending PMs to devs with info on this or info on that isn't focusing our efforts. An in-game chat channel with a dev and several bsts at once could focus our efforts more. This is what I'm suggesting.

Inphared. I remember seeing you a couple times on the SoE SoD beta boards and I never got the chance to talk with you. There were many questions I had I wanted to ask you but never got the chance.

Sikkem. you hit it with a bulls-eye. This is the primary reason I think the beta bsts should form a way to communicate outside of these boards to help figure out what is being done before we get into beta.

I feel largely useless in betas because I have almost ZERO communication with other bsts in beta. I want to feel as though I'm helping to fix us.

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Re: Bestial Bloodrage
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Really it isn't the lack of discussions between bst during betas that has been the problem. We've had some pretty lively discussions and parsing between the bst and from what I've seen that isn't where the problem is.

The issue has been two fold. Othe classes (mainly monks and mages) trying to derail everything of any consequence while supporting the useless stuff. Secondly and most importantly a complete lack of feed back from most devs, Elidroth at least tries the others might as well be ghosts.
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