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Bonus AA scaling details

Started by Khauruk, October 06, 2010, 08:43:43 AM

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Considering how many AA people have to get these days to be a capable player in the minds of the min-max'er crowd.. I've moved the AAXP bonus scale to reach 0% bonus at 2500AA for House of Thule. The bonus degrades linearly from 500% at 0, to 100% at 2500.

Elidroth, 10/6/2010


For those wondering where they sit on the bonus scale, based on this new info, it will look like this:


WOOT my shammy can gain even more faster now!, god i bet i could made a 2k aa toon now hella faster then i did my shammy. eq has gone soft but i still love this game.


KK it's 4am my time plus I'm uncertain what I'm reading.

So at a guess are you saying that a character that has no AA, will get bonus xp up until the total of 2500AA. (I think I read somewhere that it was 1000-1200AA before).

I have a total of 26AA at lvl 63 lol. - I guess if the above is true I better just AA grind till I have 2500AA.
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Yes, you will get more AAxp/mob now than when you have more AAs.  And when HoT goes live you will get more AAxp/mob than you are currently.

I would say though you can't usefully spend 2500AAs until lvl85, and that'll get you probably 75% of the useful stuff at 90.  A lot of the rest are just such minimal returns they're not really worth buying.


I missed this one, cool beans. 
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I missed this one too, awesome change. Thumbs up!
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It's a good thing imo.
Helps new people level up to standard faster.
Helps ya build a bot army quicker?
Helps people burnt out with their class change mains with more ease...


eh its comeing to late for my main 2 box's


Maybe my poor shaman can get some decent aa now.


Just because I was looking in, the last time I heard, this has been extended to 4500, however that might now be out of date wit RoF arriving.

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This weekend after I get off from work, I'm going to attempt to guage it for myself how much my toons are getting per kill. I have a toon at 1k aa another at 2500 and my bst at 3500.