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Bestial Vivisection -- Flurry of Claws -- running all the time -- Endurance?

Started by bobokatt1970, October 18, 2010, 01:26:14 PM

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I think the prob with it not clicking right away is your prob hitting you spam key alot while trying to hit vivisection, with spam keys and pauses it wont let you hit vivsection... so say you sto hitting spam key for a couple sec then hit vivisection you wont see no problem casting it.


Not true, I thought that also and tried clicking the disc itself and it wouldn't click. I think Eatmice had the right idea though, the hotkey is refreshing a few ticks before you can actually click it again.


I did find a work around to not being able to click vivisection again for a few secs after the timer runs out.  Use the same /blockspell add-remove trick that lets us interrupt BV to use def or fury disc, but put /disc bestial vivisection at the end.  This way we can click it right back on the second it runs out (or a bit before even, but it will burn through your end faster).


I've crowded up my screen a bit more by putting up the discipline window, it has a countdown timer bar that shows when your currnet disc runs out.  I think it's control-C for the window. 


You can also click Beastial Vivisection off by clicking the icon over the countdown timer if you need it off so you can use another disc.  Making the hotkey blocking BV and engaging empathic fury is probably faster, but clicking it off via the icon is also an option.
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