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Ideas for 2011 expansion/State of the Class

Started by Khauruk, December 17, 2010, 06:47:30 PM

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Quote from: nedoirah on June 16, 2011, 12:13:42 AM
Maybe rework Taste of Blood to work like the Ranger/Paladin/Shadowknight killshot AA whatever they are called...? I see e-motes  like thrill of the hunt or overcome with remorse for the fallen. I don't know what those AA are but why can't we have something like them?
Those 2 specific emotes are from spells they have, Ranger being an accuracy killshot spell and pally a healing boost killshot spell. The Ranger killshot AA is a chance to  proc a 42% dmg mod plus 390 end lasts 48 sec base duration (believe SCRM will boost the time as well), SK's is a chance to proc a buff that adds around 700ac and a 70% lifetap from weapon dmg. I personally would not mind turning Taste of Blood into a copy of the Ranger AA, not guaranteed on a killshot like ToB but it would be more useful then ToB is now.

The problem with Taste of Blood is that Warder is ~10-35%% of our DPS depending on your AA's/Focus. And our DPS isn't all that great (although better than its been in a long time!!!) So the chances of our Warder landing a "Kill Shot" over us or anyone else in the group is low, very very low! Thats why its been on the "to be fixed/discontinue list" on every expansion AA suggestion list sense its introduction. Its second failing is that its duration is way too short when it does go off.
Third failing, if Blood Frenzy is on pet and you try to hit EF, Blood Frenzy will block it from landing :P ToB is just all kinds of bad and useless, I say copy Hunter's Fury call it Feral Fury and leave it that way.


I'm not in the least not gotten the 2nd email yet.
I do still hope taste of blood would see a rework in this beta.


it would be nice, we have been asking for that for year's i also brought this up at fan fair if it cant be fixed to then to just remove/refound this worthless aa.


Quote from: Zunar on October 05, 2011, 06:27:39 PM
I'm not in the least not gotten the 2nd email yet.
I do still hope taste of blood would see a rework in this beta.

I'm actually surprised I'm not in the Beta yet this time. I've been in every beta since SoD. This will be a first for me since applying.

Regardless of which account I might get into beta, I'll do what I can for bsts... Provided I can get a hold of a dev's ear.