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Two Expacs wotth of AAs

Started by Hallof, January 17, 2011, 02:12:37 AM

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Ok so I left eq about a week into SOD an just returned. Level 82 with about 2740 AA. With Any new expantion I always spent AAs in Defense then offense  then mixed healing an toys. Looking at the new list I must say im a bit overwhelmed is there anything I should look to pick up asap.


I would say to level. With that many AA's you have more than most lvl 90 group players. "Playing Oppusum" (Bst FD) is the only AA I can think of that you may want before 90 but ir wont kill you not to have if you group 100% of the time,
81 Beastlord


When you get to the lvl requirement, think 85 off the top of my head, playing possum.  Its like a 80% succeed FD with 30sec reuse.  Saves a bunch of deaths imo even if you dont pull.


The biggies imo since SoD (or with it):
Chameleon Strike
BA4/Hastened BA
Hastened FPoS
Playing Possum
Mnemonic Retention 4
Mystical Attuning 12
Group Bestial Alignment
Group Shrink
Tactical Mastery
Bestial Bloodrage
Bestial Frenzy ranks
Frenzy of Spirit 2
Gelid Rending 1/3

These are at various levels between where you are and 90, but I'd call them the highlights.